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Now you are prepared for your trip to Ireland with this dictionary of slang Irish words and phrases, and most importantly, their meanings to ensure you understand what people are saying around you. There, its like a midden. have you no shame?! Meaning: (Expression) The expression Nice one is used when a person agrees or approves of another persons actions. 2. This Irish slang has been used for years. Example: I cant believe you turned into a hallion! These 9 Will Climb Your Bucket List, The 6 Celtic Nations Around the World and What Makes Them Different, This Airport Security Scanner Could End Carry-On Liquid Restrictions, The 6 Flags of the Celtic Nations and the Meaning Behind Each Design, Stay Like Royalty at These Airbnb Ireland Castle Rentals, This Guide To Irish Gaelic Will Help You Charm the Locals in One of the Worlds Oldest Languages, The 10 Most LGBTQ-Friendly Cities inEurope, These Dublin Food Tours Showcase Irish Cuisine at Its Finest, The 16 Most Stunning Hotel Pools Around theWorld, Download the Example: Its minus craic here. When someone says Sure look in response to your question while you are conversing, they usually mean it is what it is. Nevertheless, it might also mean that the person youre speaking to is either uninterested in what youre saying or is unsure of how to react. Meaning: (Noun) The word chiseler in the Irish language means a small child or a youngster. Someone who has no life or laughs in him. Meaning: (Adjective) The word savage originally means a person who is wild or untamable that has no manners or decency. Unfortunately, it was all I could find. Meaning: (Noun) Gowl is another word for eejit that is used as an insult in Ireland. It was in this paper bag, but its not inside anymore. Depending on the circumstance, this one might be offensive. Meaning: (Noun) The word wean is used to identify a small child. Probably more often than not, sound is used as an affirmative response, as in Ah, sound. Thank you for that. Example: Howsagoin? Gammy : Useless. Meaning: (Noun) Bollox is Irish slang for testicles. That must be why you have good penmanship. Grand : good / okay. His sister told his Mam about what happened, for instance. Hed been in the middle of something on his computer, but when he turned around to me, I said come here to me (ie the first phrase) and his response was Im listening, havent I turned around. For instance, She ultimately passed her exams. Example: All she does is show meaningless videos. Im truly sad for his parents. Give it a lash This is used to tell someone to give it a go, try it, give it a whirl. It can mean fun, goings on or gossip. In other words, I didnt. This piece is deadly. Buzzing: Very happy. Acting the maggot Bad dose Bags (to make a bags of something) Bang on Banjaxed Black stuff Boyo Brutal Bucketing down Bunk off Chancer Chiseler Ciotg Cod/codding ya Craic Crack on Culchie Cute hoor Delira and excira Deadly Donkey's years Dosser Eat the head off Eejit Earwigging Effin' and blindin' Meaning: He is an idiotExplanation: The proper way to pronounce idiot in Ireland.Note: In Nothern Ireland, youll hear the insult Buck eejit, which means just about the same thing. , Irish proverbs for describing the weather, pp. About ten years since I last saw you. The more frequent, everyday Irish sayings and phrases that frequently appear in conversation are covered in the following section. It is often used sarcastically. Acting the maggot This Irish slang term is used to say someone was acting the eejit, being stupid, fooling around and is often prefaced by the word STOP. Shut your bake, you clown, for instance. Banjaxed This is used to describe something that is broken or not working. Example: Wow, a promotion sounds good. Although craic generally refers to fun, there are several other ways to use it, as with many Irish slang terms. Example: You have an excellent eye for art. Example: Are you alright? Perhaps unsurprisingly given the drunken Irish stereotype, there are several different words in Irish slang that all mean drunk. Irish people frequently refer to people or situations as Gas. Funny is referred to as gas in Irish slang. Beautiful cliffs overlooking the ocean will definitely take anyone's breath away. I wont even bother with the plants. , For instance, Oh, Kayla. It can also mean they are taking advantage of you. May God strike me down/dead When someone uses this term it can often be in conjunction with if Im lying to indicate that they are telling the truth and being honest with you. Topic: +100 Irish Slang Words To Sound Like A Local. Same as whats the story. For instance, All those guys do is sit around and play Xbox. They are two dryshitters. Grand This is used in Irish phrases instead of using the word okay. Meaning: (Verb) Faffing is used by Irish people when a person is pretending to do something or acting like he or she is doing something but with no half measures. Meaning: A person from the country, or basically anyone that comes from anywhere other than Dublin. Donkeys years Used to refer to a very long time. The island comprises lush fields, but thousands of years ago, it was covered in a thick blanket of ice. Bloody Can be used instead of the f-word or its connotations above. I might come here more. Convert from English to Irish speak. Glad you enjoyed the post . Whats the craic can also be used to say hello to someone meaning hi, any gossip/how is it going. Shame the color is so awful. Meaning: (Phrase) In bits is when a person is describing something bad that happened to him or her. Sure look People might say sure look, itll be grand to respond to a question. Did you see what she posted on Facebook? is an illustration. As in, Bout ye, chief! Like a pint? Note: A show of optimism that relies on nothing but hope. Meaning: (Expression) The term acting the maggot is when an Irish person deems to mess around instead of doing what he or she is supposed to be doing. Kip This Irish slang word has two meanings. Did I mess up? This article is the combined work of four writers: Sorcha OHiggins, Tara Povey, Sarah Arnold, and Niall Colbert. In other words, face. For instance, Did you hear Bernie and Martins youngster cheated on the Garda exam. That young man is the Gobdaw, if there ever was one. Meaning: (Expression) The expression donkeys years in the Irish slang dictionary is used when a long time has gone without seeing another person or doing something a person wants. Rainey weather type. Why? Example: Please dont tease me, Im banjaxed. Can you use your jumper cables to give it a lash? Im very proud of him. Feck/Friggin/Flippin All stem from fuck and are a lesser harsh version. Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye One of my sisters in particular cannot hang up a phone call or WhatsApp conversation without at least saying bye five times or more. Ireland is the second largest island in the world, just next to Great Britain. She can be mean or acts unrespectable. In Ireland, we discuss the weather a lot. Its gas! All of these Irish slang words can be used to describe someone who is drunk. Leg it means to move quickly. Meaning: (Greeting) The greeting How ya getting on? is used when two people have not seen or talked to each other in a while. For instance, I called over yesterday and he talked for an hour about his new tractor. It wasnt very fun. Boking/boke/boked - not the most pleasant thing 15. Meaning: (Phrase) The phrase Lob the gob is Irish slang for kissing.. Here the top 80 most used Irish slang phrases. Example: Why are you with that geebag? The word unreal typically refers to something that is imagined or illusory, but not in Ireland. The word comes from how Irish people pronounce idiot.. It can mean someone is an idiot, a bit silly or just plain stupid. Can also mean someone is a fool. I hope youre only making it up. I need a barrel of Soudafed, for instance. A person who is having the craic is having fun, as in Ah, man, Im dying. We returned from the pub at 2:00, but we continued to have fun until 7:00. One of the most enjoyable posts Ive written in a while was this one. Example: Hey, young wan! Here are a few Irish expressions that I frequently use. If you hear an Irish person say this in response to someone asking them to do something, it actually means there is not a hope in hell they will do it! drunk and banned. Boke: Vomit. Tame. Meaning: (Phrase) The phrase bang on is used as a response when someone is asking how you are. Moderate precipitation. Meaning: (Adjective) The Irish slang all lured denotes a feeling of delight towards someone or something. Muppet Another word for stupid and can be substituted for eejit. Thank you so much is what thanks a million means. It refers to a bad situation or a bad person. Since there are so many different ways to use the word craic, Im giving it its own section. I cant be arsed. Example: My oul fella wants to join this trip and I said yes. Example: This party is dryshite. Im Scots and so much (maybe 70% ?) Travel Around Ireland is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, Will you wait for me in this spot? Meaning: A messExample of usage and translation: Me hairs all over the shop = My hair is a mess. Meaning: He is very chatty / He can talk at lengthExample of usage and translation: God yer one would talk the hind legs off a donkey = That girl would bore you to death with her incessant talk, Meaning: To kiss someone passionatelyExample of usage and translation: My mouth is red raw, he was scoring the face off me for hours at Coppers = I have sandpapered my skin off my passionately kissing someone for hours in the local meat market. There is no way I would wait there for a bus. That lad keeps texting me, for instance. Youre a savage! I heard from Noley that you were attending to your hemorrhoids. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Stall it An Irish way of saying wait, stop, pause. Sure look, what can ye do? is one example. Example: Im not in the mood to go out. He wouldnt spend Christmas This slang Irish phrase is used to describe someone who is mean with their money. Youll hear stall it when someone wants to pause at a shop and pop inside and they need their friends to stop and wait. sound out irish slang. Beautiful cliffs overlooking the ocean will definitely take anyones breath away. Hes going home to a tongin from the wife. 5863 Irish Slang Words, 20 Famous Funny Irish Sayings to Get You Laughing, [Ireland Attractions] Top Places to Visit in Ireland in 2023, Four Countries With A GREEN WHITE ORANGE Flag (and their meanings), Is Wicklow Worth Visiting? Meaning: (Expression) The expression the craic was 90 means that a person is having an exceptionally good time. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Shite Meaning shit, rubbish or pants. Meaning: (Adjective) The word dote is used to describe a person who is adorable. Youll hear this phrase frequently when people are describing people they dont like. You will often hear Irish expats say I havent heard that in donkeys years meaning whatever it is being said to them, they havent heard that in years and years. . Meaning: Stop acting upNote: Most often said by ones mother, it basically means stop doing what youre doing right now, or suffer the consequences. Bang on is another example of Irish slang for good and is typically used as a response. The most comprehensive online dictionary of Irish Slang. Meaning: (Expression) The word cracking is another Irish slang for good. It is mostly used in Northern Ireland. Howya/Hewya How are you cobbled into a one-word expression. This is a phrase that means "a long time" or a "number of years". Pronounced as ki-togue, it is an Irish slang that usually refers to a left-handed person. For our American readers, let me clarify that when we say dope in Ireland, we dont mean anything illegal. Well done, her. Slagging This Irish term means teasing someone or means insulting someone behind their backs. They can often be used in jest as well as in spite. When people greet one another, a lot of crazy Irish slang words are frequently used. if a person wants to try something and convinces another person that he or she could do it, he or she uses give me a shot.. Stall the ball chief, Ill be there in 20, or Stall the ball a minute what did he say? are two examples. For instance, Last night was a serious one, but I was out of it and ordered 7 bags of chips on the way home.. He still has his communion money Another expression used to describe a person who is tight with their money. Meaning: A scoldingExample of usage and translation: He spent the whole evening drinking at the pub. For instance, Mary, what a wonderful day it is today.. They have a filthy kitchen, for instance. The weather is sunny. Example: Its been a bad dose since morning. The term is commonly used as an insult in Ireland. Example: The man you were with is gombeen. Its often called squash or cordial in other countries. Meaning: (Adjective) Unreal is yet another word for good. It is used when you experienced something unbelievably or unexpectedly good. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Im not sure when hell be back. THE IRISH WAY with words is a complex one. Meaning: (Phrase) A cute hoor is used to describe a person who can turn any situation into one that can benefit him or her using crafty ways. 25. Key Irish Slang Words when Visiting Ireland 1. Example: You better teach the chiseler not to mess with my things. She's only an aul wagon 8. When describing a severe case of something, one might say, Ive been lashing out on the tablets all week. This has not been good at all. Theres a grand aul stretch in the evenings This is often uttered in springtime, particularly when the clocks have moved forward in March and evenings are staying brighter for longer. Youll have a good idea of the kinds of slags that Irish people hurl at each other if youve read our comprehensive guide to Irish insults. The term used to describe filthy or dung-filled people. Example: Houl yer whisht! Example: I need rest today. For instance, Ah, for gods sake. It is disgusting outside. Usually only used informally among friends. Ill burst ye Can be used to indicate youre going to swing for someone/hit them. Someone who works for the police. Meaning: (Adjective) In Ireland, if one person calls you thick, he or she thinks you are stupid. Ill speak with you later, okay? After everything I have done for you! If you want to visit Ireland and experience the culture, food, and history of the country, then you should get to know Irish slang words so you can sound like an Irish person. Thanks a million! So, whats the craic? He is an absolute melter. Meaning: (Adjective) Dryshite is used in Ireland to describe a person, thing, or situation that is boring. Another gender-specific word that is somewhat offensive is this one. Work on your Irish accent, practicing the inflection and sound of consonants and vowels. . We actually do not want a casual acquaintance arriving on our doorstep expecting to be put up and shown the town. Its a grand, soft day Means its a rainy day, but more so fine, misty rain than pouring rain. That was shite can means that was rubbish. Add your Slang. OK is grand. For instance, Shite man, Im late. Everyday Irish Slang Words and Phrases The exact meaning and usage of these words and phrases from Ireland may vary from one area to another, so be sure and pay close attention to the context in which they're being used. Here are some more typical expressions using Irish slang words, from the messages to jammy.. I thought you passed out! Im tired already! This is hilarious! . You jammy sod Meaning you are very lucky. She has fluted. a term from old Irish slang used to describe a chancer. See how hes pulling a beamer. As in "it is absolutely lashing". Why? Example: Wow, your boyfriend sure is dead on! Shamey Brannagin was once more caught stealing from Kerrigans, for instance. Here are some terms youll need to know, whether youre a first-time visitor or just trying to watch an Irish movie without needing subtitles. Giving out Means someone is complaining about someone or something. Do you want to be in an ogeous handling? Irish In origin. Dose Means a case of illness. Meaning: (Verb) Just like everybody, Irish people love to party and sometimes get drunk. Broke: Embarrassed. This is said often in my area of Dublin as a bit of humour. Theres also the possibility of using this Irish proverb to describe someone who is bull-thick (aka angry). Meaning: (Noun) An eejit is a person who acts stupid or is just a plain idiot. Meaning: Youre a disgraceExample of usage and translation: Oh my god, she was an absolute state. This word is often associated with the expression go and bollox and is deemed offensive. . For instance, Last night, the pub was jam-packed with culchies.. Meaning: (Noun) The word wagon is used as an offensive name for a woman. This is often combined with howya/hewya, especially in Dublin so you may hear howya, whats the story? as a greeting between people. Can also be used to mean a person. For instance, She won money down the bingo this week once more. Jammy hoor! Example: I was locked last night and cant remember how I got home. About 20 times a day, I use this. Janie (mac) An expression to denote shock or exasperation. Youll hear this being asked of people who are hungover after a heavy night. That yung wan 18. 2023 - The Best Place to Learn New Slang Terms & Phrases, 101+ Hawaii Slang & Pidgin Phrases (Complete List), 30 Minnesota Slang Words, Sayings and Phrases (Complete List), 41 Alabama Words, Sayings & Phrases (Complete List), 130+ New York Slang Words and Meanings (The Ultimate Guide), Top 10 Other Words for Hasty (Explained w Examples), Top 10 Other Words for Dazzling (Explained w Examples), Top 10 Other Words for Dying (Explained w Examples), Top 10 Other Words for Precedent (Explained w Examples), Top 10 Other Words for Expensive (Explained w Examples), Top 10 Other Words for Respond (Explained w Examples), Top 10 Other Words for Mundane (Explained w Examples), Top 10 Other Words for Profitable (Explained w Examples), Top 10 Other Words for Eccentric (Explained w Examples), Top 10 Other Words for Recognition (Explained w Examples). Another relatively calm one. Bollocks/bollix Can be used instead of saying bullshit. For more information read our privacy policy. Cheers, many thanks., To try something out means to take a shot of it. Let me help you with your things. Used when it is raining especially hard outside. I'm steamin' - you might hear this at the pub 18. For instance, Mam made you some dinner. Later, Ill drop it off. Meaning: She is very annoyingExplanation: An insult that translates literally as a bag of vaginas.. Meaning: You're a disgrace Example of usage and translation: "Oh my god, she was an absolute state. Example: have you seen a wean with bright red hair? We only had a few shots of whiskey. Nice person. Meaning: Little brats /little shitsExplanation: shitehawk can be used affectionately. It is also used as an insult. For instance, Thanks a million makes no sense to non-Irish people (at least, thats what my non-Irish friends tell me!). The cure denotes a pint of beer/Guinness to cure the hangover. For instance, Shes a terrible gobshite., This is yet another mild term for someone who is dense. Meaning: (Phrase) The phrase one can short of six means that a person is not thinking straight or is not fully present in a certain situation. If she thinks five is not enough, shell repeat it. Meaning: (Expression) In Irish slang words, the term eat the head off is used when someone is furious with another person. Example: Where do you get this bizarre craic? Meaning: shes an unfortunate looking girl wearing a lot of make-up to try and cover it up. Go away outta that This is another Irish phrase that has a few meanings, depending on the situation. 19. Meaning: (Greeting) Howsagoin' is an Irish greeting when two people come across each other but dont have time to talk. During my time in school, I used, and you can hear this one used. How useful! someone who wastes things. We like her! Or a little shady. Meaning: (Noun) The word beour is Irish slang for an attractive girl. Hold on for a moment, and Ill pass it to you right away!

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