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Trucker Tim Chelette has been making the same twice-daily drive for 16 years hauling empty whiskey barrels from Louisville, Kentucky, to the Jack Daniels distillery in Tennessee, yet his workday ke WALTERBORO, S.C. (AP) South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh was convicted of murder Thursday in the shooting deaths of his wife and son in a case that chronicled the unraveling of a powerful . A. Magnus crafted one of the buzziest whiskeys in the business today, but unfortunately, its armagnac-finished Cigar Blend is MGP juice. Hope to see yall this weekend! Check out our last flight post! Tom's Foolery is getting good buzz for its Bonded Bourbon, making it one of the few micro-distillers who can claim such a "bonded" distinction. Since opening our doors in 2014, we have poured our heart into building a distillery worth visiting and welcomed guests like old friends. ), and a visit from SANTA A little sippin cream makes the kind of white Christmas we want. Get here early to grab drinks from the bar + a bite to eat from Taqueria Luna Rosa Food Truck starting at 4:30. Our story begins with John Gentry Madison, a retired real estate developer whose love for thoroughbred horses inspired his grandson to carry on the family legacy. 1/26: $2 beer Happy Hour special @ 5-7PM All you have to do is post a Facebook or Instagram story from Palmetto Distillery. We decided to end 2022 the best way we know how - with the BIGGEST sale of the year! City: SwisherFounded: 2005Distribution: regional. With a base of our exceptional handcrafted Intemperance Vodka, we infuse natural tea extracts and pure cane sugar in small batches to create a deliciously sweet spirit. Nearing retirement, Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee was tasked with creating a bourbon of exceptionally high quality. South Carolina Select Club is an incredible 4 year old Canadian whisky made with the finest ingredients and an phenomenal taste. Reba's "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" Goes Viral Amid Alex Murdaugh Trial. Hope to see y'all there! Kick off your weekend sippin' on 'shine. Very knowledgeable & friendly bartender! We'll see y'all there , Heres how to get a FREE FLIGHT this weekend Taste: Vanilla with a touch of black pepper. City: DenverFounded: 1999Distribution: 24 states. Cedar Ridge's bluntly named Iowa Bourbon is actually made in Iowa, from Iowa corn. A blend of two unique American-made bourbons with Lewis Redmonds 6-year Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Disclaimer: Locations listed are not guaranteed to currently stock specific items. City: CharlestonFounded: 2013Distribution: regional. This was not a planned stop, but so glad we found Palmetto Distillery. It's time to bring 2023 in with a BANG , Yep you read that right. for our tasting and cocktail with Crissy who is a national treasure! Tate left under a cloud of investor squabbling in 2014, and Balcones lost some luster in the press, but it is still producing world-class stuff. All, however, distill their own products. This whiskey is low intensity, with a long flavor profile that lingers on the palate. USA (AK) Standard delivery 1-2 weeks More shipping info Shipping info. Join us on Saturday for happy hour from 5-7 + TRIVIA NIGHT at 6:30. Our Peaches & Cream Sippin' Cream starts off sweet and finishes like 'shine. The Best shine I have ever had !!! House Spirits makes Irish-inspired Westward Single Malt Whiskey, which is fermented with ale yeastnot surprising in such a beer-friendly area. This one is a sipper. It has a rich profile with spicy bread notes and a warming finish. Big Six is the perfect balance of corn, wheat, rye and malt, then aged in new American Oak Barrels to create a soft, rich flavor with notes of caramel, vanilla and banana. Associated with Cisco Brewers, Triple Eight distills a 12-year-old single malt named Notch (a portmanteau meaning "Not Scotch") that has won bushels of awards. Our last event sold out FAST don't miss your chance to snag tickets for just $5. Instead of starting with a vodka or gin like most new distilleries, since opening to the public in 2015, Virginia Distillery has sourced single malt scotch from the Scottish Highlands and brought it over to America to blend with its own locally distilled single malt. Palmetto Moonshine . , Your favorite night is switching it up this week Trivia Night will be on SATURDAY, January 14th. You can credit an Iowa pseudo-distilleryTempletonfor clueing the world into the seedier side of sourcing after it settled a massive class-action suit for marketing its product as Iowa-made. Heavy notes of caramelized banana and vanilla ice cream with hints of brown sugar and cinnamon. Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Introducing our newest Sippin' Cream flavor - Cold Brew! 1/27: SOLD OUT Cocktails & Comedy Show We beleive that this Bourbon is the true spirits of the Carolinas, so much so, it has Trey's signature and the name Carolina Bourbon on every bottle. South Carolina Select Club Whisky, South Carolina. We enjoyed the VIP tour during a recent stay in Myrtle Beach. Amazing!! Experience South Carolina's most awarded craft whiskey. If thats not enough to make products like Virginia-Highland Malt Whisky its own, the distillery often goes one additional step by aging this blended juice in a variety of intriguing barrels. With over 1,300-sq-ft of open floor space, our venue is designed to address the meeting needs for up to 85 people. It's that easy. Ginger Beer Make sure to wear your ugly Christmas sweaters to be entered to win a Palmetto Distillery gift basket. All Rights Reserved. We also have a Retail Shop chock full of quality apparel, hats, barware and other unique products along with our complete line of bottled spirits to take home with you! Started our distillery tour off perfectly! All Right Reserved. Awesome atmosphere, friendly staff! Luckily, today theres this extremely small-batch distillery using a variety of atypical yeast strains, then "hyper-aging" for a year to produce Ala Wai Single Malt and Ala Wai Corn whiskey. A few years back, Hawaiian moonshine was the closest thing to whiskey in Aloha-land. The entrance looks like a door in a warehouse (it is) but what is made inside is magical. And some aren't even that good; they are just the only whiskey makers in that particular state. The blueberry vodka lemonade was the bomb, as was the Pina colada! These best-selling pickles are made using local produce and brined in Palmetto White Lightning Moonshine. Add Blackberry Moonshine and chilled champagne to a flute. Carolina Moon Distillery 27 Distilleries Open now By 525jamig Edgefield, SC is the quintessential small southern town and visiting this distillery is an absolute must! Our Oak Aging Barrel Kit lets you become a master distiller by aging your own moonshine! Great prices too. The prominent South Carolina family ran their small town because their father, Alex, ran the local law firm. The only whiskey distiller in the state makes a cinnamon whiskey called 2DOCKS Fire by Proof. Sweet and buttery. Today, Charbay produces wine, tequila, vodka, rum, walnut liqueur, and some of the more interesting whiskeys in the world. No code needed! South Carolina- Blended with the finest Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, you'll get a kick of oak, a whirl of sweetness, and straight from the jungle banana goodness. This labor of love is the product of 4 years of aging, heaps of barrels, and plenty of patience. RUN don't walk to grab your tickets to the 9PM Cocktails & Comedy show on February 24th. It is smooth enough to be enjoyed straight but has a enough character to stand out in classic whiskey cocktails. OUR MOONSHINE WHISKEY Experience South Carolina's most awarded craft whiskey. COUNTRY Canada. City: MiltonFounded: 2002Distribution: local. All Right Reserved. After his mother-in-law asked for a specific Irish Cream for Christmas, owner David Raad took it as a challenge to create something better. We hope that this change allows for more of you to make it to the distillery for a night of trivia, beer, cocktails, and PRIZES. Savor the nostalgia with a childhood favorite Orange Creamsicle! Join us for another night of Trivia NEXT Thursday - January 26th! Delicate on the palate with floral notes, creamy vanilla, fresh-cut sugar cane, and papaya. Rum barrel finishing lends an essence of tropical fruit and floral notes. Enjoy all the sweet and tangy flavors with just the right amount of heat. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. . Copyright 2022 Palmetto Distillery. It was the rebellious, intemperate Wets who successfully brought its repeal. Thus, One Eight Distilling's Rock Creek Whiskey is literally the only D.C.-distilled whiskey currently on the market. Things to do ranked using Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity. Bobby is a fantastic tour guide and has such a wealth of knowledge about the. 2 oz Soda Water Our bourbon has bold flavors of caramel, vanilla, and baking spices. USA: (FL) Tarpon Springs . , Stop by the distillery this weekend to get all of your Super Bowl spirits + pantry good needs. It is infused with ALL NATURAL flavors of RAW South Carolina Pecans and 100% Canadian Maple.The result is an exceptionally rich, bold whiskey that is perfect when served straight up or in a cocktail. Company/Distillery: Local Choice Spirits Location: N. Charleston, SC Mash Bill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye and 4% Malted Barley Age Statement: At Least 6 Months Proof/ABV: 90 Proof/ 45% ABV Color: Brownish bronze, a lot like a glass of tea Purchase Price: Purchased at the State Line Liquor Store, South Carolina; Sale price $53.99 on Gentry website. The Cheez Press food truck will also be there before and during the shows! TOMORROW night we will be hosting The Office themed trivia starting at 6:30PM. Palmetto Whiskey is 21% rye matured in new French oak to achieve unparalleled taste and quality. Trying to keep a small business afloat while holding down a full time job. Small shop but the history is wonderful. . . Get yours in-store or online now! 2023 Hilton Head Distillery. Black Water Barrels has opened in Bamberg and is South Carolina's only cooperage, which is what barrel makers are called. Tippleman's Burnt Sugar Syrup. . As this "craft" micro-distilling boom is only about a decade old, many of today's companies have not yet had the time (or resources) to create a good whiskey. City: TamworthFounded: 2015Distribution: regional. You MUST visit if you are in the area. 167 Raw 289 E. Bay St. Extra Tags = Extra Entries Trust us, they'll thank you later From the Mountains to the Coast of South Carolina. You can enjoy Sweet Tea on the rocks or try mixing with traditional tea or lemonade. Don't forget to stock up on New Year's spirits at the link in our bio. South Carolina High Wire. OUR WHISKEY READY-TO-DRINK COCKTAILS . City: St. AugustineFounded: 2014Distribution: local. Our nations first state is not exactly a whiskey hotbed, which made it easy for this acclaimed brewery to burst onto the scene with Alternate Takes, a recently released experimental whiskey made of applewood smoked barley and finished in rum casks. The drinks are amazing! Click the button below to see the numerous liquor stores, restaurants and locations where you can pick up a bottle of Gentry today. Head to the link in our bio to customize your pack. The Michigan and New Jersey entries in this story have been updated. Enjoy the sweet and a little bit of heat. . Happy Saturday Eve All Right Reserved. A whole lot of people think bourbon can only legally be made in Kentucky. We are so excited for our SOLD OUT Cocktails & Comedy shows tonight. We'll just be sipping on some Pina Colada Moonshine in the meantime. Glad to have found out that they have a distillery in Augusta too. , Drink it straight or add it to your coffee for an extra kick our *new* Cold Brew Sippin' Cream can be enjoyed so many different ways. There are now around 2,000 distilleries in America, at least one in each state. The following 38 are unranked and listed alphabetically. Come shop 50% OFF EVERYTHING in-store and online TODAY ONLY! South Carolina (10) Kentucky (370) Tennessee (129) Highland (94) Speyside (92) Show More. , Think you know The Office? Come kick off your Friday night with live music from Brian Lane, or join us tomorrow for happy hour + another round of Trivia with @mattmustangentertainment. The cost of the Whiskey Road Feasibility Study was $124,916. We're mixing margaritas with . Just mix Peach Palmetto Moonshine into a glass of freshly-made sweet tea for a southern cocktail that brings you back home with every sip. - Shake of bitters. Gold Medal SF Spirits Competition. This blend of our 5-Grain Bourbon with all-natural cream, rum, and several spices soon became our most popular spirit. Show your bartender We rocked in the porch. High Wire Southern Amaro. Ain't no party like a margarita party A mellow whiskey with very subtle flavors, this spirit is a must-have. Handcrafted 'shine for a kick in your cocktail. Try it with Salted Caramel for a sweet & savory taste, or mix it up with some Pina Colada 'shine for something a little more tropical. Cheers to the freakin' weekend. Liquid Blackjack. We hope to see y'all today! Double Made refers to the new world production style; first macerating, or steeping the botanicals overnight to build the bass, pine-like juniper notes, then vapor infusing to highlight the floral and citrus flavors. Boone's Bourbon is aged to perfection in brand new American charred white oak barrels at a powerful 58.5% ABV. The amber hue with notes of caramel and vanilla draws you in. How about you? Welcome to Carolina Bourbon Whiskey! Rowan's Creek and Willett [Distillery] are such mega names in bourbon. We invite you to stock up and continue enjoying them until they are no longer available. Discover how producing premium handcrafted spirits in small batches using fresh, local ingredients makes a product which is complex, flavorful and easy to drink. Make sure to come hang out with us tonight for F.R.I.E.N.D.S Trivia Night. 6:30pm: Trivia Night with Mustang Matt Aged in oak, a hint of vanilla and fresh pears greet the nose and sweeter cereal notes follow. PLUS - Come to Palmetto Distillery between December 31st-January 7th, post a Facebook/Instagram story, & tag us for a FREE flight! By now he has refined his technique, and products like the hoppy Whiskey R5 and Whiskey S (distilled from Bear Republic Brewing's Big Bear Stout) aren't just unique, they are delicious. The Gentry Hotel is a luxurious boutique hotel located in the heart of downtown Charleston, South Carolina. It makes a series of organic, GMO-free grain whiskeys, like North Fork and Wheatfish, a single-malt. Get there a little early to get dinner from our friends at The Cheez Press food truck! Love is sweet but Palmetto Whiskey is neat. In 2017, however, the company released Wheated Bourbon, a so-called Appalachian whiskey completely distilled in West Virginia, which was highly sought-after amongst the cognoscenti. The finest North American Corn & Rye is selected for the mash bill, which is then introduced to pristine water. Get your bar cart ready for holiday parties! , Happy Valentine's Day from Palmetto Distillery! Early on, the preferred engine was the 354 cu in straight 6, or Big Six. Restaurateur and Real Estate Developer John David Madison has created a unique and unparalleled bourbon right here in the Holy City of Charleston, South Carolina. Now that you've found us, welcome to Hollow Creek Distillery! Watermelon Cherry Pop: If you wanted Gin, it likely came in a Jo-Jo Flask. While still maintaining the traditional spice profile of a Rye Whiskey, the addition of Corn and Malt, then aging in new American Oak Barrels makes Restitution soft, smooth and easy to drink. Palmetto Distillery is open until 6PM today , Stop by the Distillery today for some Christmas cocktails + finish up your Christmas shopping! Broad Branch began in 2014 with Nightlab 1.0, a white whiskey based on a 150-year-old distilling tradition passed down by Frank Williams who closely advises the distillery. Go to shop . In their honor, we present Intemperance. And Balcones continues to innovate and produce world-class stuff on its own accord. Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. The bright, bold espresso flavor and subtle creamy, sweetness are perfect for coffee lovers. City: South KingstownFounded: 2011Distribution: regional. This Southern distillery produces a biscuit whiskey, as well as a Sorghum Whiskey from sorghum grown on a Mennonite farm. Get a FREE flight when you post a story at Palmetto Distillery on Instagram or Facebook between December 31st-January 7th. I plan to add it to my chocolate martini recipe. Come shop in store and let us help you find the perfect gifts! Shipping & Return Policies. Absolutely worth a visit! B-21. The whiskey is 21 percent rye and aged using French oak barrels in small batches. At Hollow Creek Distillery we offer small batch, hand crafted southern spirits. Let us know what you're sipping on this weekend , Looking for weekend plans? Ladies - get your man what he really wants for Valentine's Day alcohol. We'll reveal the sale on Saturday, December 31st! sales tax. Join us for our last trivia night until Spring 2023 this Thursday, December 29th, starting at 6:30PM. Ended up buying a couple bottles to take home. South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson had just two words to describe the state's most persuasive evidence in Alex Murdaugh's murder verdict: "Alex Murdaugh.". Grain Bill: Corn, Soft Red Winter Wheat, Barley, Black Seashore Rye, and Carolina Gold Rice, Aged: 3 years in brand new American Oak Barrels. The Temperance Movement began prohibition. The tour lasts about an hour and is well worth it! Please login or subscribe to PRO to view data from the last ten years. Ireland - Triple distilled, pure Irish pot still and soft grain whiskies are carefully blended in this light, smooth and lively expression. City: HonoluluFounded: 2017Distribution: online only. , Happy Mardi Gras, y'all Crafted in small batches at 89.3 proof, Palmetto Whiskey has earned the title of SCs most awarded craft whiskey establishing itself as a new kind of southern tradition. How much do you know about Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey? This allows us to proudly create premium products entirely from South Carolina. Type: American Whiskey Hard hit by Prohibition, for decades American Whiskey has been primarily . Join us for The Office themed trivia on Saturday, January 14th! Aged in the countrys largest solera, this special rum is rested in both port wine and bourbon casks. Purchase Palmetto Distillery merch and gifts. Rum barrel finishing lends an essence of tropical fruit and floral notes. Shop our Candy Cane Sampler Packs in-store TODAY to get Buy One, Get One 50% OFF! City: St. LouisFounded: 2012Distribution: local. Atlantic Bourbon. Submit a request form to your preferred store and get your favorites nearby. Today is for raising a glass for the bold at heart that inspired our strongest moonshine to date. Sip and swoon on your favorite moonshine this Valentine's Day. In her honor, our single barrel rum is made from premium blackstrap molasses and rested in rye whiskey barrels to create a soft, sweet profile with notes of caramel and vanilla. City: CoramFounded: 2009Distribution: local. 2 oz Watermelon Moonshine Grain Bill: Soft Red Winter Wheat and Barley. The Office themed Trivia Night starts at 6:30PM. Needed for these spirits is sourced from South Carolina, makes me want to support them more!!! Their farm Love this charming Distillery in downtown Simpsonville. Taste: Cinnamon, vanilla, and black pepper. Post us on your story We are open until 8PM tonight, 10AM-8PM tomorrow, and 10AM-6PM on Christmas Eve , Spike your eggnog with a shot of our Cinnamon Moonshine! Their store has a great selection of moonshine, and souvenirs. Mix Cinnamon 'Shine, Cherry Cola, with a cherry on top! Whiskey | South Carolina | Six & Twenty Distillery more news features Grain to Glass Spirits Tours every Saturday at 12, 2, & 4pm Located in the beautiful Upstate of SC Tasting Room & Cocktail Bar Hours: Monday - Thursday from 11 - 8:00 PM Friday & Saturday from 11 - 10:00 PM *By law, bottle sales end at 7 PM* Saturday tours start at 12, 2 & 4 PM. Head to our pinned post to enter to win. It nice the see the some of the historic buildings are being restored. The smooth, lingering smoky finish keeps you coming back for more. Michigan is cherry country, and this distillery does make a Cherry Whiskey, alongside several other intriguing options like a peated Islay Rye. Try our Orange Creamsicle Sippin' Cream for a refreshing taste of orange and creamy vanilla. In 2016, Westland was acquired by French drinks giant Rmy Cointreau, so it is no longer the independently owned underdog. We may earn a commission from these links. Get them what they really want booooooze Start the new year by treating yourself to South Carolina's most-awarded whiskey. Get our Bootlegger Proof Moonshine BOGO 50% OFF *today* only! 3. SC, USA - Southern Shine takes smoothness and rich flavor to the next level, delivering a distinct South Carolina influence with its homemade moonshine selections destined to tempt the taste buds. Bring your friends for a fun evening with cocktails, trivia, prizes, and more! ex. Had a nice tour and tasting, bought a few bottles, and definitely will be back. After intensive ageing in the American Oak Bourbon barrels, the aromatic smooth amber whiskey is placed in unique hand crafted bottles City: Charleston Founded: 2013 Distribution: regional. Come shop the sale with us in-store or online TOMORROW! Yes, please. Both have garnered rave reviews. Region: South Carolina. 3/31 @ 7PM Hosted by Ryan Rubin Feat. Happy Monday! City: Saint MichaelsFounded: 2012Distribution: local. If any little guys are going to surpass the big boys at their own game, they will have to create something completely different. Would absolutely recommend stopping in for a tour and, extremely friendly and helpful, explaining the history of the distillery and the different varieties of, Who can beat a Saturday visit during your birthday month to receive a. all the varieties and then having a speciality drink outside enjoying some sunshine. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. . City: Chagrin FallsFounded: 2010Distribution: local. Enjoy it neat or mixed with any rum cocktails. The people are so friendly and knowledgeable and it was awesome to learn about the interesting spirits and the stories behind them. We hope to see y'all this weekend , Throw some Hangover Helper in their stocking! We can't wait to ring in the new year with y'all . LEARN MORE. Our drink of choice this weekend: Banana Pudding Sippin' Cream P.S. Our Cold Brew Sippin' Cream is blended with Arabica coffee flavors with a smooth, sweet cream finish. Come visit us in for a tour, tasting, cocktail, and retail sales! This offer is valid in-store and online with no code needed. home! Handmade by infusing our Crusader Spiced Rum with spices such as Cinnamon, Vanilla Beans, Cloves, Star Anise and Ginger among others, Crusader reflects the quality of our small, single batch infusion with local, fresh ingredients. ), City: KirbyFounded: 2009Distribution: national. We're kicking off the night with our happy hour special - $2 beers from 5-7PM. DYK: Palmetto Distillery now has a full-service bar. Founder Raj Bhakta and former Makers Mark master distiller, the late Dave Pickerell, had the genius to snap up barrels of Canadian rye back when no one wanted them. Tomorrow is the last day to enter our giveaway to win one of these Oak Aging Barrel Kits! Head over to your favorite distillery and stock up on your New Year's spirits! An Irish native from a family of (illegal) whiskey makers, Ollie Mulligan produces bottles at Great Wagon Road like Rua, which means red in Gaelic, for the gorgeous hue of this organic single malt. We took our award winning Carolina Cream and gave a summer twist by adding peaches! , Sip on South Carolina's most awarded craft whiskey on this #WhiskeyWednesday. Shop our *new* Cold Brew Sippin' Cream online or in-store. 3/4: Happy Hour $2 Beers from 5-7PM Stock up on these for your Super Bowl party - We had so much fun at our Cocktails & Comedy show on Friday and we can't wait to do it again on March 31st! Bottle Label Information: The combination of our freshly emptied 5-Grain Bourbon barrels and rum made from Caribbean-sourced Black Pearl Molasses give us this beautiful expression we know as Oak & Pearl. Grab a cocktail or $2 beers during our Happy Hour special from 5-7PM. I will for sure be returning here next time in town and likely buying some booze online to have it shipped home! Nowadays, it makes barrel-strength and high-rye products, and 2017s Double Cask (finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels) was its best whiskey yet. Upstate South Carolina's premium craft distillery! If you thought we wouldn't honor anything standard, you were wrong. The moonshine is quality, and the best we've ever had. City: BurdettFounded: 2009Distribution: local. They will be serving delicious gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Yep we did. Products like Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey might be returning the Keystone State to its roots as a preeminent maker of whiskey. We hope to see y'all soon! Explore South Carolina's first legal moonshine. The Belmont 511 King St. Butcher and Bee 1085 Morrison Dr. Callie's Hot Little Biscuit 476 King St. We will be kicking off the night with a $2 beer Happy Hour special from 5-7pm. Shop $ 659.74 $ 146.61 / 1000ml. We recommend the Bootlegger Proof Moonshine. The company also will produce 30- and 60-gallon barrels. City: FargoFounded: 2013Distribution: local. Restaurateur and Real Estate Developer John David Madison has created a unique and unparalleled bourbon right here in the Holy City of Charleston, South Carolina. The owner is the first and only We were staying in Park Circle on our first visit to Charleston. You have until this Saturday, January 7th to take advantage of this offer. 12-8pm: Bites & Booze with Landshark Cajun Seafood While these products are no longer available in our tasting room, they will always be a part of history. Rum production, unlike grain based spirits, blossomed in the Caribbean and unlike Bootleggers, Rum Runners would dodge the authorities on open water, smuggling through tributaries to awaiting trucks. ex. Infused with a blend of locally grown Jalapeo, Habanero and Carolina Reaper Peppers, our 3 Peppers Vodka packs a spicy punch. Get a jar at the link in our bio!

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