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The St. Lucie County Jail offers an online search database for friends and loved ones to search for their missing person. But the fact is that if you come across one of the wanted men or women you don't know for sure if they are good or bad, and it is not for you to judge. St. Lucie County Jail Phone: 772-462-3450. Under no circumstances can you trust a wanted fugitive. Send Photos to your Inmate from Your Phone or Computer in Less than 2 Minutes, How to Show Them You Care with Inmate Care Packages Probation and Parole. Reports and Programs St. Lucie County Jail has a phone program where inmates make outbound calls only, you cannot call into jail. Last St. Lucie County Jail 900 N Rock Road Fort Pierce, FL 34945 The inmate ID Number and housing location can be found on this website under Inmate Lookup. Join the conversation on our social media channels. How Inmates Can Use aTablet to Access Services at St. Lucie County Jail, To learn more about Tablet Rentals for inmates, including the cost, all the services available and everything else you need to know, check out our. Wanted for: Title 21 USC 846Conspiracy Cocaine, Wanted for: Conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute fentanyl, Wanted for: Conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. It's always a tough decision. Directives and Policies. Most of the men and women incarcerated here are awaiting trial or waiting for their case to be heard by the St. Lucie County Court. St. Lucie Co Jail located at 900 N Rock Rd has current arrest records. BOND: $1000. Check each listing for reward information. Visitations - times, rules, Covid cancellations, Free St. Lucie County Inmate Search Rubio GUERRERO, Ruben MARTINEZ-GUERRERO,-Ruben GUERRERO- MARTINEZ, and Ruben Guerrero MARTINEZ. Visitors can use the map plotted below to find the driving directions to St. Lucie County Jail . Alachua County Sheriff's Office. Almost all county jails in America are staffed and managed by the county sheriffs department. St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office Bookings. This database of inmates is user-generated content for the purpose of accessing and utilizing any or all of the InmateAid services. Other than 'at the jail' visits between you and your inmate, which is explained and outlined in detail on our, How to Deposit Money into an Inmate's Account in St. Lucie County Jail, Enter the Inmate ID of your inmate. A previously convicted criminal may not visit, Presenting a valid ID is mandatory to be allowed entry, An adult has to be present if there is a visitor under the age of 17. Follow these tips and learn more about common scams. If you do not find the inmates ID number when doing an inmate search, you can call the facility to get those details. For a complete list of all the BOP facilities in the United States and information about them, go here. So do the math imagine how overwhelmed jails and the courts would be if every person wanted by the police were to turn themselves in all at once. Since you are paying for those calls don't make it a habit of accepting collect-calls, they are over $15 each. This can be found by calling 772-462-3450 or by looking up the inmate's name in the Inmate Search link. Using the GettingOutKiosk at the jail. While the people on this St. Lucie County Most Wanted page are mostly a danger to the public, imagine how big of a page it would be if every one of us who broke the law were to be placed on it? If you come across them, do not attempt to apprehend them yourself. More police training needs to take place and more data needs to be collected. The population was 3,719 at the 2010 census. Inmate Name (example: John Doe)ID NumberHousing LocationSt. All money is receipted and deposited in an inmates individual account upon entry into the facility. Inmates have generally been found guilty of committing serious in character felonies most inmates are housed in the prison for at least 12 months. These other services come with fees that you can pay for when you pay for phone service. Last, select St. Lucie County Jail, and then theinmate you wish to communicate with. The fact is that it is every American's duty to support law enforcement and their effort to keep your community safe for innocent men, women and children. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Remember, when addressing any item, to write clearly the follwoing: If any item fails inspection, then it will be disposed of, unless there is a return address. Known to associate with Hector ESPARZA and Jose GUADLAJARA. Legal Process Unit Landord/Tenant . Wanted for: Conspiracy to distribute CocainePossession with intent to distribute cocaine, Wanted for: Conspiracy to distribute and distribution of controlled substances. Do not rely on this site to determine factual criminal records. You may have watched the Daytona 500 on television and thought afterwards that youd like to visit the Daytona International Speedway. Suggest an edit! Good luck. You can also deposit cash using the kiosk at the St. Lucie County Jail. Incorrect information? Many, if not most should be considered armed and dangerous. Keep in mind, if you do go, more crimes are committed in Daytona Beach, Florida than in more than 95% of other American cities. What is done to ensure new inmates don't infect the current inmates? State Prisons State Prisons are run by Florida and paid for with taxes from Florida taxpayers. Most of the sentenced inmates are here for less than two years. If there is no release, the inmate must wait here at the jail for their court appearance as a guest of the County, getting a bed and three square meals. Possession with Intent to Distribute CocaineDistribution of Cocaine, Wanted for: Distribution of a schedule I controlled substance Heroin, Wanted for: Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamines, Wanted for: Violation of 21 USC 841(a)(1)846853881952(a)963and 960(b)(1)(A), Wanted for: possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, Wanted for: 21 USC 841 and 846Possession with the intent to distribute Heroin, Wanted for: Violations of Conditions of Pretrial Release, Wanted for: Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance, Wanted for: Title 21 USC 846Possession with intent Cocaine, Wanted for: Violations of federal narcotics laws, Wanted for: Conspiracy to Import MethamphetamineConspiracy to Possess With Intent to Distribute MethamphetaminePossession With Intent to Distribute MethamphetamineAiding and Abetting, Wanted for: 21 USC 841 Distribution of marijuana and MDMA, Wanted for: Conspiracy21 USC 846Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine21 USC 841Failure to Appear18 USC 751, Wanted for: KIDNAPPING AND MURDER 0F A FEDERAL AGENTracketeeringviolent crimes in aid of racketeeringconspiracy to commit violent crimes in aid of racketeeringconspiracy to kidnap a federal agentaiding and abettingaccessory after the fact. White City, St. Lucie County, Florida White City is a census-designated place (CDP) in St. Lucie County , Florida, United States. Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. . Additional Information: INMATE LOOK UP. You can either: And inmate can use a telephone for calls from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. The information and photos presented on this site have been collected from the websites of County Sheriff's Offices or Clerk of Courts. Wanted for: Moshe MATITA, METITA, Issac MORIEL, Ben SHITRIT, Yoran SHITRIT, Moshe BENSHITRIT, Wanted by: Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute MDMA, Wanted for: 21 USC 846 cocaine and marijuana, Wanted for: Conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute cocaine, Wanted for: 21 USC 84621 USC 96321 USC 95921 USC 84121 USC 924, Reward: Last Known Address: Delray Beach, FL, Wanted for: Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute Cocaine and Methamphetamine, Additional Information: Other St. Lucie County Services provided by GettingOut: Lucie County Jail900 N Rock RoadFort Pierce, FL 34945. Last Known Address: Eagle Pass, Texas, Additional Information: For questions and comments, please email: . You got lucky! Go to the prisons office when you next visit the inmate, and you will be able to deposit the money there. The County Jail authority is responsible for looking after this facility. Check each listing for reward information. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. NOTE: There may be a limit on how much product you can send your inmate in St. Lucie County at any one time. Your search should start with this locator first to see if your loved one is there. If you have information about a crime that has occurred, report it to anonymously to Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers. It's a fact that the court can only handle a limited number of criminal cases per day, most of these being the initial arraignment, technicalities, continuences, etc. Last Known Address: Artesia, California, Wanted for: Title 21 sections 841 and 846Trafficking in cocaineconspiracy, Additional Information: If you have trouble searching for inmates, please contact St. Lucie County jail. Andrews was booked into the Polk County Florida Jail after being medically treated for the injuries he received in the crash. Consequently, your name needs to be in the approved list of visitors before you go. Filters Active - 0 Counties Served Region Central 6 St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office. Do not rely on this site to determine factual criminal records. . In the future, will we see more Wanted posters of criminals who flee the scene of a crime? Once this has been done, the inmate should then notify the named individual. The second box is the InmateAid Inmate Search. He had an active warrant for Failure to Appear, Driving with a Suspended License Causing Death (2 counts), and DUI Manslaughter (2 counts). To send a commissary carepack (food, snacks and goods) directly to an inmate in St. Lucie County Jail follow these steps: For all information, tips and available items for shippingCommissarypackages to an inmate inSt. Lucie County Jail, as well as sending money to the inmate so that they can purchase their own items, check out our Commissary Instructions PageforSt. Lucie County. Are you looking to send money to a prisoner St. Lucie County Jail? If you want to get into the work release program then apply prior to being sentenced to jail. Remember - These phone calls are recorded and conversations can be used against you or the inmate so do not discuss your case over these phone lines. This St. Lucie County Florida Most Wanted List poststhe top 50-100 fugitive criminals on the run. When scheduling your visit, you will be provided with the available days and times to choose from based on the inmate's housing and classification. Visit the official website for the county jail and tap on the lookup link. Do not rely on this site to determine factual criminal records. Once the account is active, the prisoner may receive funds through check, cash, or money order. 900 North Rock Road, Ft. Pierce, FL, 34945. The trustees are paid a very small amount for their time and some jail gives the trustees a few days off their sentence in exchange for their work. Gnt, Szkesfehrvr District, Fejr County, Hungary : Thank you for your donations large and small - we appreciate your ongoing support. The named individual must provide photo identification to pick up the property Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wanted for: Assaulting, Resisting, or Impeding Certain Officers or Employees; Aiding and Abetting; Theft of Government Property; Restricted Building or Grounds Without Lawful Authority; Violent Entry and Disorderly Conduct on Capitol Grounds, Wanted for: Civil Disorder; Assaulting, Resisting, or Impeding Certain Officers; Influencing, Impeding, or Retaliating Against a Federal Official; Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon; Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon; Engaging in Physical Violence in a Restricted Building or Grounds with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon; Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building; Act of Physical Violence in the Capitol Grounds or Buildings; Parading, Demonstrating, or Picketing in a Capitol Building, Wanted for: Conspiracy: False Statements in Connection with the Acquisition of Firearms; Smuggling Goods from the US, Wanted by: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Wanted for: Rape, Failure to appear, Firearms violations. On the other hand, every city and county in Florida, plus all of the othersthroughout the United States, has individuals wanted for offenses as minor as not paying fines imposed on them all the way up to mass murder. Log In Register. Often there are rewards for turning a fugitive in. Schedule your preferred time for the visit. If you do not want your e-mail address released to a public-records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Or, if they are criminals, they make the mistake of getting caught at a new crime. Wanted for: Conspiracy to distribute cocaine. See Something, Say Something We encourage the community to call 786-263-6599 if they see anything suspicious around our facilities or if they have information that may affect the safety and security of our jails. SHOULD BE CONSIDERED ARMED AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, How to Arrange Video Visitation with St. Lucie County JailInmates. The Arrest Record Search will cost you a small amount, but their data is the freshest available and for that reason they charge to access it. You can access complete information about St. Lucie County Jail including inmate search procedure, direction to prison, visitation hours and rules, and methods to share mails, packages, or money with the inmates through this page. With few exceptions, such as those cities mentioned above, offenders that are arrested and locked up in a city jail in St. Lucie County are only held for approximately 72 hours, where if they are to remain in jail, will be transferred to a St. Lucie County jail where they will remain until their trial, or their sentence is completed in full. You can also deposit cash using the kiosk at the St. Lucie County Jail. On the other hand he could be a forty-year old man who violently raped a five year old child, boy or girl. Possibly in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, 6" surgical scar on top of his left thigh near the knee cap, Wanted for: CONSPIRACY TO DISTRIBUTE A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, Wanted for: CONSPIRACY TO DISTRIBUTE METHAMPHETAMINE. Liability questions arise, as do moral issues when deaths are involved. The eyes never sleep. Most Popular. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. 2. In other words, if you only enter char in the last name field, you will see all inmates with the last names beginning with those four letters. For all information, tips and available items for shipping, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), US Enemy Combatant High Value Detainees (HVD), Florida Department of Corrections Prison Inmate Search, Capalino, Pepe, Pipe, Capulina, Pedro MORALES, Primo, Alberto ORALES, Rodney Dismukes, Ricky Lewis, Rodney Sims, Ronald Sims, Lyvell Walker, Ruben GASPAR-ESPINOZA, Ruben ESPINOZA-LOPEZ and Jesus Carbero ZARAGOZA. 781 Marietta Bld. Last Known Address: Philadelphia, PA, Wanted for: 21 USC 846Possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, Additional Information: Just In Case Bail Bonds (772) 879-5755 Milano Bail Bonds (772) 500-2245 Online Inmate Search Inmate Search There are cameras everywhere now and more are coming and voice prints, biometric scanners, etc. Here you will discover a rundown of prisoners who have been reserved at the jail over the most recent 24 hours. Enter an inmate's first or last name in the search form and submit. Maureen Johnson. There are only about 2.4 million beds in all of the jails and prisons in the United States, including those in St. Lucie County Jail. Please review the rules and regulations for County - medium facility. If you are unsure of your inmate's location, you can search and locate your inmate by typing in their last name, first name or first initial, and/or the offender ID number to get their accurate information immediately Registered Inmate Search Inmate Visitation Civil. To do this you need the, For all the information you need regarding making an inmate deposit, what it costs, how much you can send, how long it takes for your inmate to receive funds and more, and to get the Facility Locator Number, check out our, How to Send aCarepack Commissary Package Directly to an Inmate in St. Lucie County. St. Lucie County Jail uses GettingOut for some or all of its communication services with an inmate.

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