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Check out Jericho, Israel, and Sinai if youd like something rarer. The most widely known Christopher is Saint Christopher, who, according to legend, carried the Christ child across a river. Elon - Elon is an African-American male honorific. Cute nicknames include Gabe. So, if you are like me, Im sure you are already aware of the name Elijah the sexy vampire! Bishop is a popular surname thats a hit-or-miss forename. A brave spirit, from the Germanic hugu (mind, spirit) and bald (bold, brave). Amell is a boy's name that means "the power of an eagle." 2. Pin it to save it for later: Stefanie is a freelance parenting writer and blogger, and has published works on other publications such as Motherly. Though Adna is unisex, it's likelier to be used for boys. It is such a handsome name! Some say a person finds a zen existence when all those elements are balanced. Angelo 2. Dream also has musical roots and inspires many songs, including Dream Weaver by Gary Wright. Cool meets Born Again meets Brad and Angelina, who made Shiloh an instant star when they chose it for their daughter. In my professional career, I have a Bachelors and Masters in sociology and specialize in media and crime. Moses. Pax may be rare now, but its extraordinary meaning and X-factor make it highly desirable. Youll find Jupiter attractive if you believe in astrological togetherness and separation. I live in Northlake, Texas with my wife, Diana, and four boys, Augustine (12), Elijah (10), Joseph (8), and Isaiah (6). In the Bible and Quran, Michael is a powerful archangel. 5. Eden: Biblical and Hebrew origin name meaning "pleasure" Honour: This unisex English name evokes virtuousness and means "dignity, reputation" For boys, Ishwa means spiritual teacher, while the girls interpretation is Gods hope.. Some like Liam still top the charts, but others have proven to once again be worthy contenders. This name is becoming popular all over the world. Related: 763 Baby Boy Names That Mean Brave. Want your baby boy to stand out from the crowd with one of our strong boy names? 19. Bliss describes peaceful moments of spiritual awakening. I quite like the sound of this name whispery and soft. Originating from Hebrew, this name means successor., Originating from Greek, this name means manly., Originating from Hebrew, this name means father of light., Originating from Spain, this name refers to the son of consolation., Originating from Hebrew, this name means strength.. Zion is quickly climbing American name charts and shows no signs of slowing down. In Greek mythology, Athena is the name of the daughter of Zeus who was the goddess of wisdom, warfare, handicrafts, mathematics, and courage, among others. It means prayed for.. Alternate meanings include utopia, prevalent in Mormonism. They were cast out of the Garden of Eden after disobeying God by eating the forbidden fruit. Alexander 11. Common nicknames include Johnny. It means safety. He is known as the founder of the Jewish people. From 2006-2021, Sophia was one of Americas top 10 girl names. With a name like Ipsita, your little girl will always know how desired she is. Gregory (My Gym Partner's a Monkey) Martin (Wild Kratts) Granite (Jewelpet) Bibi Gold (Majuu Sensen: The Apocalypse) Kimba (Kimba the White Lion) Fred (Super Chicken) Samson (The Wild) Socrates (Animals United) Christian Bobby (My Gym Partner's a Monkey) Cecil Chris (Wild Kratts) Kion (The Lion Guard) Alex (Madagascar) Hello! Notable namesakes include Saint Hope, a young Christian martyred alongside her sisters. The top 3 popular trending boy names meanings are as follows: Zayan meaning is Beautiful, Hospitable, Graceful; Shahzain meaning is Brave, Good Adornment & Skillful; Ali meaning is Eminent, Noble, High In Rank. James 7. 82. How fitting for the girl who is the center of your world. It is a Buddhist name, meaning the wise one. Though Apollo means destroyer, it refers to the destruction of evil. Do you like spiritual boy names of Arabic origin? The Bible and Quran both feature Adam as the first man, uniting multiple religions. Home Baby Names 75 Popular Spiritual Boy Names and Their Meanings. Boys. Once I finished my education, I began my career working as a journalist, reporting on various topics like crime, justice and family law. Bliss This name of English origin means 'perfect joy'. Your partner in parenting from baby name inspiration to college planning. Fortune is an attractive option for the girl who is rich in things money cannot buy. For less common but still stylish spiritual baby names, you might consider Galilee, Honor, Loyal, or Sunday. The name Clement is originated from the Latin language. There are some really cool and surprising options here. And did you know that this can be a wonderful spiritual name option for your baby boy? The names we have are Louis, Jasper and Beauden. Strong, Masculine, Spiritual Adna Adna is a variation of Edna, a Hebrew title full of joy. Many view Dharma as a way of casting off your old life and moving into your divine potential. In Christianity, Trinity references the divine three, Father God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Your little Zeus will have big shoes to fill, as hes considered the Greek god of all humanity. In England and Wales, it is used as a boy name and ranked at 300 in 2003. Kids are considered to be the incarnation of God and keeping that in mind we have shortlisted such spiritual names for your baby boy that will make him peaceful in life. 1 Fun Fact: In the popular animated film The Lion King, Nala is the name of Simba's spouse. This title has Scottish and Indian roots, making Devina perfect for your little globe-trotter. You can call your little gift Shay for short. We love Bhuvis exotic flair, but you can always call your little love Vee for short. Read more about us>>>, All rights reserved 2023 The Queen Momma, 75 Popular Spiritual Boy Names and Their Meanings, Join our Mom Life Community on Facebook!, 174 Hilarious and Funny Quotes for Sarcasm That Will Make Everyone Laugh, 10 Questions to Ask Your Unfaithful Spouse. Infinite Insight Institute. This ancient Greek name means the rock or the stone. This is a very popular name. Batya will remind your daughter that she is supernaturally loved. Celebrities like Marcia Cross set the tone by choosing Eden for their little girls. Fun Fact: Bryn can be a unisex name. And did you know Elijah was the only prophet who made it to heaven alive? This Sanskrit name is very uncommon. Alternate meanings include divination or prophecy, giving this title psychic vibes. Liam 2. It means fun and, of course, festivity. Ulick is an uncommon name that has Norse and Irish roots. It means God remembers. In the New Testament, Timothy was the one who accompanied Paul in his journeys. Within this buffet of choices, youll find rare and trendy titles. A strong baby boy's name might be a great choice for you if you are still on the fence. From 1981-2006, Matthew was among the top 5 American boy names. . Divayam Wednesday 22 February 2023 Neptune Emissaries Keeping It Cool Download. Jacobs son was Reuben. Elijah - a Hebrew name, means "the strong lord" Ezekiel - a Hebrew name, means "strength of God" Gabriel - a Hebrew name, means "God is my strength" Godric - Anglo-Saxon for "rules with God" Herod - English name, born by the king of Judea Hezekiah - Hebrew for "God is my strength" Israel - Hebrew for "wrestled with God" Ronaldo. In 2003, Reese Witherspoon made waves by choosing Deacon for her son. Elijah, Noah and James are popular names that all come from well-known Bible stories. So, are you inspired by these beautiful names for your baby boy? She was so emotional in the Temple that people thought she was intoxicated. 196 Baby Boy Names That Mean Soul. The Salem witch trials were difficult for women, as many were wrongly murdered. You will be killing a charming name. 100 Traditional Spiritual Vedic names for baby boy with meaning [2021] February 1, 2021 February 2, . Homer crafted a namesake character in the Odyssey, making Athena timeless. Cute nicknames include Christ and Topher. Adam is among the most popular spiritual boy names. Lina peaked in the early 1900s but remained among Americas top 1,000 girl names. Fans of grunge music will associate Nirvana with the popular band. Aaron - Exalted, strong. god of mortality and human hearts. Blessed soul, one who is blessed by the almighty. Your little man will have no shortage of amazing namesakes, including actors, poets, and astronomers. Jordan. Originating from Hebrew, this name refers to the one who rejoices. In the Bible, Peter is the disciple who walked on water with Christ. Arnold Schoenberg, the novelist, is a reputable namesake. Did you know that he was the supreme Olympian God? Strong Names for Boys Strong boy name options include: Patton: The fighter's town Andrew: Manly, courageous, and warrior Brian: Noble Gabriel: God is my strength Rainer: The wise army Roger: Famous and honorable spear Troy: Soldier Everett: Brave and strong boar Oscar: Warrior and the spear of God Ethan: One who is strong Aryaki: One who has honor Abiel - God is my Father. Alternate meanings include one who is immovable, perfect for the steadfast young man. It entered the Top 1000 in 2007, one year after the birth of Ms. Jolie-Pitt. One thing is for sure; your little Lina will shine brighter than all the rest. (The Great) Bambino. Tarot cards have been used since the 15th-century for playing games and divination. If youd prefer spiritual boy names that are faithful in meaning, youre in luck, as there are countless cuties to explore. This name is originated from Hindu mythology. Abigail has a multitude of namesakes, including Abigail Spencer, an American actress known for her role on Greys Anatomy. Cullan is quite popular as a name in the West. Family Education is part of the Sandbox Learning family of educational reference sites for parents, teachers, and students. This Latin word used for evening spiritual services was introduced to baby namers by the Eva Greene character Vesper Lynd in the modern James Bond film, Sky is an ambigender nature name that was first legitimized as the character of Sky Masterson in the 1950 musical, A name with religious resonance, as the Vedas are the most sacred texts of Hinduism. Baptist is also a Christian denomination, making it the perfect title for your little man with strong faith. The bright mind or spirit, from the Germanic hugu (mind, spirit) and beraht (illustrious, bright). Legend says that Buddha lounged under a Bodhi tree to find enlightenment. Originating from Hebrew, Gabriel is known to be the Gods messenger. Alternate meanings include eye of God and resembling a goddess. Devina is a fabulous choice for parents who hope their girl is blessed with intuition. Cove - An adorable nature name that's perfect for water-loving families. In Greek mythology, Rhea is a Mama bear goddess who went to great lengths to protect her cubs. Jane Austen cemented Emma as a European classic with her hit novel by the same name. The Book of Matthew is the first of the Gospels, often referred to as the most detailed account. In Buddhism, there are Bodhi and Zen. Cami is a moniker for Camilla and Cambria, but its strong enough to stand independently. 100+ Amazing Spiritual Baby Boy Names With Meaning, 301+ Top San Diego Baby Names With Meaning, 260+ Yoruba Last Names: Preserving Family and Cultural Heritage, Gaelic Last Names: Reflection of Irelands Past and Present, 265+ Swahili Last Names: Cultural Diversity of East Africa, 260+ Creepy Last Names That Youve Never Heard Of. Adam will be popular for a long time with its good energy and sacred origins. Not much is known about Ishwa except its meaning and origin. 7. Lilith transformed into a demon of the night and got her revenge. Whether youve just found out youre having a boy, or youre holding your newborn baby boy in your arms, you need a strong male name to inspire your little man for life. 3. Its meaning is dignity and reputation. In the Bible, Nathan was a prophet who worked closely with King David. Abel - A Breath. Roman mythology paints Luna as the personification of the moon. In ancient Rome, Cami referred to a priests helper devoted to God. Lilith is either a villain or a heroine depending on your views. I quite like the name, which means soul or spirit. This is a list of Indian Vedic names for baby boy with meaning. Zen is not commonly used, and it still has its virtue. Symbolizing the beginning of something, Genesis is the perfect name for your newborn. Mama Natural book cover right week by week guide to pregnancy and childbirth. 60 Biblical Boy Names for Babies A 1. This is a famous Persian name that means the sun. Who doesnt love that time of the year when it is Christmas eve! Also, this spiritual boys name is used to talk about Buddha. It was chosen for their son by the Jerry Seinfelds, which might inspire others to follow their lead. Saint joins the ranks of trendy names like King and Reign, made famous by celebrities. Do you love colors and want to name your baby with a meaning similar to that? The name Theodore has its origin in the Greek language. Lina refers to the refreshing energy from the sun. The moon has held spiritual meaning for centuries, with many planning life events around its cycle. Many see Eve as the mother of all life, perfect for your little nurturer. Abraham - Father of Nations. Take a peek at each angel name's meaning to see which one will be perfect for your new heavenly arrival! If youre searching for spiritual baby names, this list will be a God-send. Eden is an attractive, serene name with obvious intimations of Paradise, one of several place names drawn from the Bible by the Puritans in the seventeenth century. The wife of Adam, Eve, was privy to everything that happened in the Garden of Eden. It is classy, sounds good, and will suit your baby boy perfectly. Stars like Terrence Howard made Heaven a household name by choosing it for their daughters. It's no surprise that many of the strongest people to ever live became elite athletes. And did I tell you that powerful spiritual names for your boy can invoke wisdom and positive energy that can help them lead a peaceful and happy life? Celeste may have little room for alternate spellings, but you can choose a simple or elegant pronunciation. Cielo is the Italian word for sky or heavens. Cielo is nonbinary, but its likelier to be used for American girls. Perfect for protectors, warriors, and mini heroes, here are the best strong boy names. Zion Zen Bodhi Tobias Pax Malachi Phoenix Solomon Elijah Cato Angel Micah Orion Rowan Sage Justice Skye Moses Shepherd Caspian Om Wolf Levi Saint Leo Onyx Aaron Kai Atlas Callum River Loki Fantasy, Futuristic & Science Fiction Boy Names. Alternate Spelling: Jayvyn. . The feminine variation of Pranav, Pranavi is also known as the sacred syllable Om, used in meditation. This list represents a variety of beliefs, giving you the cream of the crop. Did you know that in the court of King David, Nathan was a prophet? Apollo 3. Jacob 16. With names pulled directly from religious text, always investigate the stories behind them to ensure a positive association. May your little Hope be just as optimistic as her name suggests. In Greek mythology, Jupiter is the king of the gods, giving this title a lofty air. Give your daughter a taste of the ethereal with Bhuvi. Parents who grew up in the church will instantly recognize Deacon. Ezekiel 10. Cate enjoys DIY projects, old movies, music, and a good cup of coffee. In the Bible, Hannah was a faithful servant of God who longed for a child. Rumi is a Japanese girls' name that sounds like a couple of other choices more familiar in the West -- Rumer and Remi -- that is achieving notice because of its choice by two celebrities, including Beyonce and Jay-Z. In many churches, a deacon is a respectable person with influence. It comes with the meaning of happiness. Sports-Inspired Strong Dog Names. From Greek to Roman mythology, you will find a plethora of choices here. Everyone has a different view of what makes someone rich. If you like soulful names with 70s vibes, youll adore Cami, which became obsolete in 1975. In the Bible, John the Baptist was Jesus cousin, known for his boldness. 1. Theres no better title for the enlightened girl with many talents. Oliver 4. Remember to revisit your favorite passages, too, as you never know what name will speak to your heart. This is a very popular Hebrew name for boys. Zeus is the perfect name for your tidy little star. Country star Trace Adkins made Trinity a cool name when he chose it for his daughter in 2004. Saint is gender-neutral but more popular for little boys. It came from the Latin word Honos. Dont forget to share your favorite warrior names, badass names, and strong boy names with our community on Peanut! A Bishop oversees the church in many religions, ministering to the congregants. In Buddhism, Dharma is a title given to new monks and nuns. Unlike other spiritual names, Cherish became obsolete in 2016. While some say it means cloud, others say it means spiritual light. In many religions, the sky symbolizes eternity and the heavens. Daniel. A blessed and happy soul. Unsubscribe at any time. Tao stems from Taoism, a religion that celebrates the togetherness of humans and the universe. The name Zephyr is taken from the Greek language. It carries the meaning of lightning. Comment Which strong boy name will you choose for your son? Fans of 90s television will recognize Dharma from Dharma and Greg, a popular sitcom. Awakened Souls Society. People of faith believe that Om is the sound of creation, imitating someones first breath. Did you know that in Germany, the bishop of Mainz was Saint Bardo? Om is a popular word in Hindu and Buddhism, often used when chanting or meditating. In Catholicism, Pax means peace with you and is used during Mass. From 1936-1992, David was among Americas top 10 boy names. Some early Christians hailed Sophia as the personification of wisdom, giving this title practicality. It means spirit. Though Canaan has a rich history, it only appeared on name charts in 2015. Notable namesakes include Canaan Sodindo Banana, the 1st President of Zimbabwe. Devina is the feminine variation of David, a major biblical figure. Spiritual boys names are the perfect way to honor your religion. The name Abel is originated from the Bible. In the Bible, Ezra was a prominent leader who helped deliver his people from captivity. Did you know that Matthew wrote the first gospel? With mythological names rising, the handsome son of Zeus and god of medicine, music, and poetry among many other things might offer an interesting, if high-pressure, option. If you are looking for spiritual baby boy names, Zen would be a great choice. I quite like the name, which means soul or spirit. Like anything else, theres more to Juno than meets the eye. This name has its origin in the Arabic language. 2. Did you know that the second king of Israel was David? This name doesnt have many religious trappings, and it is a beautiful name in Sanskrit. Justice 17. Magical Boy Names Inspired By Literature. Dhitik Are you looking for a unique spiritual boy name? People have searched the sky for signs of whats to come for centuries. In Norse mythology, Freya was the goddess of beauty and the psychic ability to foresee the future. Light spirit. In Hebrew culture, Uma is traditionally used for girls born on Israels Independence Day. Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Delight Pronunciation: AHD-nuh Actress Sarah Drew made headlines when she chose Micah for her son in 2012. Alternate meanings include hero of God, appealing to parents with strong faith. Every culture has its interpretation of Anika, but all are positive. Lets journey through some standouts together. Bernard. Cute nicknames for your little cherub include Angie. According to Abrahamic religions, the name also means a prophet and high priest. In ancient Rome, many people adopted solar monotheism, the worship of the sun. William 6. Zion symbolizes heaven or the period after Christs return to earth. The name Rumi can be used for both boys and girls. It means the West wind. It means unique and divine. Spoken in a single syllable, it evokes supreme happiness. 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