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Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team's work-life balance. : can utilize the developer installed fence on the patio side. 1. The following estate sale companies have conducted sales within Sun City: If you want to meet with the Community Standards Director, please emailCarl Zimmerman or call him at 512-948-7461 to schedule an appointment. is not responsible for any errors regarding the information displayed on this website. the length that will produce a clearance of exactly 42" from the edge of the patio wherever the second segment runs parallel with the patio. Residents who want to visit nearby metropolitan areas are in luck. Often, decisions made prior to approving a plan are based on consensus supported by research. The community's Lifelong Learning Academy provides residents with a fully integrated continuing education center. # 0200209 and mention green match that is a blended color created for the trim (a sort of turquoise). If you purchased your home as a resale, and the new home binder is missing, check with your neighbors or neighborhood rep, to see if they have their binder and can help you with specifics. Such noise is declared to be a nuisance and does not have to exceed the specifications for sound levels contained in this Chapter or disturb a particular person in order to constitute a violation of this Section. There are also 252 condos at LaSolana. [emailprotected], T. +1 623 546 7500 If you do not find your community or property, or are not clear on the use of the colors in your scheme, contact us now. September 27, 2007: Interesting post, Josee! Solar-powered pathway lights.,,,,, # 0172432 will bring up the paint identified for entry signs (creamy-ish color). Trees or tall plants that are taller than 3-feet, within the "sight triangle" of a corner lot or tree branches lower than 8-feet that over-hang into the "sight triangle" of a corner lot. There are also many outdoor attractions in this 55+ community, including several resort-style pools. Knox Box, 3.9.3; Peephole,3.9.6; Color Coatings, 3.13, February 28, 2013: Search for a Dunn-Edwards representative if you would like to be contacted. ft with 3 bedrooms, 1.75 baths and 2 car extended garage! Hedges or hedge rows composed of plant material. "They will not answer the question, 'How did this come up?' Our Community is the premier active, age-restricted community in Arizona. For example if you have an INTERIOR LOT, you should have the following plantings: Front Yard & Backyard should each have the following amount of plantings: If you have a PREMIER LOT, PREMIER PLUS LOT, ESTATE LOT, LOT WITH 75 FOOT FRONT YARD WIDTH OR LARGER you should have the following plantings: Additional plants may be required by the Architectural Review Committee to cover bare areas of large lots. While each of these segments is described separately at least five are required for any given installation, and there could be as many as nine segments. The committee demands that those without approval paint over their borders a request some residents consider unreasonable. When the inspector visits the job site, they will look for compliance with the plans as approved. If you are not clear on use of the colors in your scheme, contact our Customer Service department (888) DE PAINT (337-2468). These homes include features such as spacious great rooms, eat-in kitchens, walk-in closets, and covered patios. Inorganic mulching material, ground or pulverized rubber mulch, dyed mulches and highly reflective rock of any dimension. If this does not fix the problem, you will have to replace the switch. c) Tree trunk on golf course lots must be at least 20-feet from the rear property line. If this segment reaches the rear property line, the third and fourth segments on the patio side are not required. a) Display of the US Flag, any US State Flag, or any US Armed Service Flag. - Certain construction noises prohibited without permit. The landscape plan shall be a scaled drawing which includes: The lot boundaries, the house, the driveway and any other hardscape features and the location and dimensions of all planting beds. e) Seasonal flags, pennants, or banners. Color lights are prohibited. If it's your first time logging in, you'll be required to make a new password as well as set up a security question. Tree trimming - Trimming of that portion of any tree canopy that is above the owner's property. The resulting fence can produce one and only one closed in area on the property. 234 0 obj <<40c259bb1ebc7b617282abf43ac07178>]>>stream If a homeowner wants to do anything that differs from these rules, the HOA must grant avariance. Adjustable Pergolas, 12.2; Fences, 9.1(h); , Gates, 9.8; Solar Energy Systems, 6.7; Variance, 2.7.2 e), February 13, 2012: Enter the 7 digit number into the appropriate field. . If you have any questions or would like to receive further information, please contact us and wed be delighted to help you. 3.10.a), 3.15, 4.8, 4.11, 4.23, 4.23.2, 4.23.3, 4.23.4, Diagram 4-2, 4.24, 5.9, 5.9.f)- 5.9.h), 5.10.6, 6.9.1, 6.14, 6.16, 6.17, 7.4, 9.4, 10.1, 11.1, 12.1.1, 12.3.3, 14.1, 14.5.c)-d), 14.6, 14.7, Appendix A, Appendix C, Appendix F. The use-easement provisions for Neighborhood 38 residential lots and existing drainage easements combine to make fencing guidelines for this neighborhood particularly complex. The Design Guidelines have been reviewed by the Covenants Committee and they have been made available for review and comment to all Sun City Texas home owners prior to submission to the Community Association Board of Directors and the Declarant for their approval. Driveway "borders" or "barriers" range in appearancebut typically look like rectangles or bricks that are painted a different color than thedriveway. can utilize the developer installed fence/wall on the patio side, providing that the following requirements are met: Installation of an additional fence segment to fully enclose the yard. South Elgin, IL 60177 White screening structures, trellises and arbors. 1 - 24 of 24 Results. The information on this page is aggregated from third-party sources and presented as-is for your convenience. The original switch was made by Leviton, but they no longer make that switch. Residential Projects: The most often missed items found during plan review are the connection details that provide information about how the structure needs to be put together in order to resist the wind forces we sometimes experience here in the Valley. . Enter your last name, all lower case, into the password field and click Log In. For many houses built since June of 2012 we have the original exterior colors chosen by the owner on file. This form is available from either in hard copy from the Community Standards Department or by email to [emailprotected]. With 27,492 condo, attached, and single-family homes, it remains the largest such community in Arizona. Inert Material, Plastic Sheeting-gravel, river cobble rock, stone, boulders, interlocking paving stones or bricks. FM radio and amateur radio antennas. {|$wC~&B=cXARJl\)0O[=GDPH)t'5{P zIU5MoK= _rxj[9iV$.p^yPWb:A/ A7,LDn[jm>DbI(`hcT1GJz Bmcd`GH%hD2>}_6hK2(3T%.&vdV%~OLP1Aoqc!?etAj@? Sun City Grand is also close to multiple health care providers, such as Banner Boswell Medical Center, Abrazo Arrowhead Hospital, St. Joseph's Westgate Medical Center, and Wickenberg Community Hospital. It is an excellent health and lifestyle location with residences designed to meet the needs of active seniors, offering an array of outstanding amenities (even a wet bar). An application required after the repair is completed. All rights reserved. Del Webb developed Sun City Grand from 1996 to 2005. Here is a sample of some of the clubs, activities and classes offered here. The classic white kitchen aesthetic remains a perennial favorite but - inspired by a new-found optimism, the heart of the home is ready for color! The items presented in this list are prohibited. For NH entry signs if you provide Sherwin Williams on Williams Drive with the following order #'s they will be able to pull up the colors. Additionally, there are tennis, pickleball, and bocce ball courts. Sun City Grand homes for sale on the golf course start at $500,000. Single-family homes at Sun City Grand are 1,097 to 3,388 square feet with one to three bedrooms, one-and-a-half to three bathrooms, and an attached two- to two-and-a-half car garage. If granted a lease for the strip of land (Community Association Common Property) between the side of their lot and the developer installed concrete fence/wall (if any), they can utilize the developer installed fence/wall on the non-patio side and the rear, provided that the fencing along the side cannot be closer to the front property line than 55-feet. 9,800 residences make upSun City Grand, with floor plans for villas, condos, and single-family homes. House entry door replacement: Bird Baths/Bird Houses/Bird Feeders in the front yard up to 6-feet tall and within 2-feet of the Clotheslines or clothes poles and similar items. Flag Poles, 5.9, 2.9( #13), November 17, 2011: Beautiful curb appeal! With the exception of its challenging winters, we were happy with our lives in Akron but we are absolutely thrilled to have 'made the jump' here. Find out what works well at Sun City Grand from the people who know best. When a bed is existing, there is no need to submit an application as long as the No Paperwork list #9 reference to Design Guidelines 4.4.g is followed. that are written by the members of this community. the length that will cause this segment to reach the property line. Residents asked the committee why the borders were an issue but said the committee has remained silent. Unless an application to change the paint colors has been filled out, the paint colors for your house are either located with your closing documents or will have to be researched using the name of your model. Sun City Grand Homes for Sale - $150,000 to $200,000. Garden Villa Lot, Cottage Home Lot (not community maintained)-front and backyard requirements. Gutter guards that match the existing trim paint color. Association shall be responsible for the structural repair and maintenance of those walls identified as Lighting that constitutes a nuisance and/or hazard to any resident. "I acknowledge that that was my problem. Sun City Grand Homes for Sale with an Inside Laundry. Each house was provided with a binder that included all the warranty information for appliances, windows, etc. Get the latest color trends and design inspirations. I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere of Sun City Grand. Xeriscape Guidelines, 4.1.2,; 4.1.3;;;;; 4.2.1; 4.2.2; 4.2.4; Appendix A, November 21, 2013 My home is the Desert Rose floor plan and I get so many compliments on how beautiful it is. No portion of the fence can cross over a lot line and encroach on the neighbors' property unless it is necessary to meet an already installed fence segment on the neighbor's property, or to provide for the clearance specified in this article. Sun City Grand is a 45+ community located in Surprise, Arizona. Please verify your final color choices with your community's governing body before undertaking any exterior painting project. At the open meeting, residents are welcome to attend and ask questions of a general nature of the Committee. /d`@F? g6_gOH*2304Hh1og:;lgh6kMh56&20Vtg'~9Y@ABm}7K ;}m The address of the home can't be published prior to the day of the sale and the sale must be held in a way that doesn't adversely impact the neighbors. View Details. Sun City Grand is a 10,000-home active adult community with civic and community facilities designed along a garden oasis. A form agreeing to abide by the guidelines for the sale is to be filled out by the agent and initialed by the homeowner prior to being submitted to the Director of Community Standards prior to the planned day of the sale. at the angle of 90 degrees off the house. COMMUNITY EVENTS COORDINATOR (Former Employee) - Surprise, AZ - August 9, 2014. It's just not like that.". b) Tree trunk must be at least 10-feet from any property line the length that will cause this segment to reach the property line. from the outside corner of the extended patio (coming off the patio at a ninety-degree (90) angle) directly to the rear property line. at the length that is the length that will cause this segment to reach the neighbor's fence- if the neighboring fence is already approved for installation. Only required if the first segment does not reach the rear segment - shall turn and run: Lots 38038 and 38048: can utilize the developer installed fence on the patio side. It is not inclusive and does not name all of the items that are prohibited. Sun City Grand average rent price is above the average national apartment rent price which is $1750 per month for a 2 bedroom apartment. 42-inches behind the rear plane of the extended patio, if this segment is not on the side property line. Real Estate Agent with Long Realty West Valley SA559207000, Arizona Retirement Communities Specialist, Sun City Grand Homes; Surprise AZ Real Estate and Homes,Josee Plant Long Realty West Valley, Sun City Grand Residential Design Guidelines, -Minimum Planting Requirements (by lot type), -Approved and Prohibited Landscape Plants, For more detailed information regarding other lot types and planting requirements view the Sun City Grand, The approved landscape plants list is pretty big, however the non approved is pretty darn small. a) Must be fully shielded. If the number on your card is not 7 digits, or includes a dash or other non-numeric character, email the support address below to get your 7 digit number. The construction process is streamlined when field inspectors do not have to make quick field interpretations or delay field approval for additional research. A CoG permit required. Commercial Projects: These projects often have architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection components that have not been coordinated. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________. 228 0 obj <> endobj 230 0 obj <>/XObject<>>>/Contents 231 0 R/CropBox[ 0 0 612 792]/Rotate 0>> endobj 231 0 obj <>stream xOK0sv&M-77U endstream endobj Sorry, no listings in this community match your search criteria. Limit 1 item. The issue surfaced in April when the Sun City Grand Community Association Management's Architectural Review Committee, which reviews whether home exteriors meet design guidelines, found 606 homes . and maintenance of these and all other fencing between residential lots. 2007 - 2023, a division of 229 0 obj <>stream xcd``dd_30la`dg`4a`dc Roof patching, partial replacement or full replacement with a shingle that has a warranty that is equivalent to, or better than, the warranty of the shingles being replaced. Design Guidelines; Fast-track Application; Modification Request; Modification Request for Compliance Letters Review the Design Guidelines to determine what you can do and the rules to follow. Welcome to Sun City Grand. We have found the many shopping, entertainment and recreational opportunities immediately outside Sun City Grand itself to be convenient and readily accessible. The fence segments that connect to the house/patio are always attached at a right angle (90) to the house/patio, regardless of the angle at the attachment to the next side yard segment. ActiveRain, Inc. takes no responsibility for the content in these profiles, The Cimmaron Center even has its own fitness center and meeting rooms. As your paint partner, our priority is to ensure you have every tool, product, and service for all your paint projects. Directional signs are not allowed but one sign may be placed in the front yard of the home on the day of the sale. You will receive an email with your password. at the length that will cause this segment to reach the neighbor's fence- if the neighboring fence is already approved for installation. The objective of the following provision is to ensure that all property owners in Neighborhood 38 can apply for the installation of a perimeter gated fence that will conform to the conditions inherent in each property: The Modifications Committee, when reviewing applications for fencing in Neighborhood 38, will apply these provisions carefully. Pardubsky suggested the HOA begin its "renewed" enforcement starting next year and slap current offenders with a $100 or $200 fine. Tree removal - any tree that is not on the listed in Appendix D that is less than 19 inches in circumference when measured 12-inches from the ground, may be removed. We've been trying to have more variety between cactus and shrubs. 623 764 0809 - After Hours. The layout is great for my home office plus there is an extra bedroom for my daughter when she visits from Nevada. If you are a non-resident of Sun City Lincoln Hills and would like to obtain a form, please contact the Community Standards Department. xc```b``e`a``Nad@ Af(T Aa J k&_,s[:O6gOk m7()6:(- EKf The owners' Amateur Radio Operator License must be on file with the Community Standards Department. Dunn-Edwards constantly seeks to reduce or avoid the use of harmful ingredients. b) Along one side of the driveway continuing to the front entry of the house. Certain homes include features such as open-concept kitchens, walk-in closets, and covered patios. You are so right about the different areas of the country and specific landscaping. walls located between residential lots which are less than 48 inches above grade and hold soils in Ground covering and landscape materiel used to spell names, depict states, or slogans, etc. The switch is available from: Westside Electric Supply, Inc. Using approved screening structures to store trash containers, tools, etc. Don't forget your application must include both the Application form with Checklists and required exhibits attached, along with a color photo of your home and yard. The requirements of this Chapter are independent of and in addition to any other permits, certificates of occupancy, zoning or platting requirements or other requirements of the law and the fact that a person or an entity has acquired any other such authorization from the City shall not exempt them from the requirements of this Chapter.". A variety of clubs and interest groups give residents the opportunity to experience a full range of activities. Fencing configurations which create a "dog run" or the appearance of one. Sun City Grand Residential Design Guidelines spell out the following: -Minimum Planting Requirements (by lot type) -Approved and Prohibited Landscape Plants. As an official Sun City Grand directory sponsor, this year's Sun City Grand resident's directory provides a plethora of information and resources. When it doubt it doesn't hurt to contact someone at Sun City Grand, Real Estate and Homes,Josee Plant Long Realty West Valley, Sun City Grand Surprise Arizona Real Estate 14245 W Grand Ave, Ste 1, Sun City Grand Arizona Retirement Communities,Jose Marie Plant, Jose-Marie Plant, Ken Meade Realty, Sun City Grand, Sun City Grand 20175 N SOJOURNER DR Surprise,AZ 85, Surprise Custom Home 28421 N 179TH DR, Surprise AZ, Arizona Traditions,18201 W SKYLINE DR,Surprise,AZ. Any permanent or temporary devices not specifically allowed in the DG or GD. Tree planting - Trees meeting the following requirements and conforming to the provisions of referenced article: Large commercial projects will offer services to many different people throughout the state. Email [emailprotected] with what you saw and where. The display of national flags of countries listed as State Sponsors of Terrorism by the US Department of State. Bedding plants can be freely changed out in existing beds, No Paperwork list #4 which refers you to Design Guidelines 4.4. For walls maintained by the homeowner, since the expense incurred is assigned to the joint homeowners, they are responsible for deciding how to treat those walls within any overriding criteria from the DGs as to landscape beds, etc. ", HOA cites Cave Creek homeowners for hanging rainbow flag, Investors line up to buy bargain homes at Phoenix HOA foreclosure auction. Showing 3 Models with area.floorplan.default_home_size_filter_label for All Collections. For most citizens, their home is the largest investment they will ever make. Lights meeting the following requirements and conforming to the referenced article may be installed: Accessory buildings, including gazebos, storage buildings, guest houses and greenhouses at other than custom homes. I went to and looked under Governing Documents and selected the Residential Design Guidelines. The basic segment descriptions that follow apply in their entirety to all the lots in Neighborhood 38, except for those lots indicated in the table below: from the house, starting anywhere between the very front of the extended patio (including any steps and landing area). There are also fourSun City Grandgolf coursesCimarron, Desert Springs, Granite Falls North, and Granite Falls Souththat were designed by PGA Hall of Famer Billy Casper and renowned golf course architect Greg Nash. Please verify your final color choices with your community's governing body before undertaking any exterior painting project. 2023 Dunn-Edwards Corporation. It's not only the performance we put into our paint, but also what we leave out. Organized, planned and executed meetings and events. These Design Guidelines may be changed and amended to serve the needs of an evolving community pursuant to the procedures set forth Section 5.3 of the Declaration (CC&Rs). In order to install a permanent flagpole up to 20' high, Form B-1 application, as well as a plot plan indicating where on the property (as mandated by the Design Guidelines) the flagpole will be located (within 5 feet of house and 20' from side property lines), must be submitted to the Modifications Committee for their review and approval. Sun City Grand Download PDF (All Schemes) 9200 Series Scheme 1 - Sun City Grand: 9200 Series Base: DET670 Vintage Ephemera RL#967 Secondary Base: DEC717 Baked Potato RL#682 Trim: DE6041 Missing Link RL#545 Accent: DET634 Downing to Earth RL#931 Download PDF Order Color Chips Need Help With Color Important Notice The estate sale will be held in a professional manner by a commercial estate agent. :). Flower pots, decorative objects, and other artifacts in LMH house beds or on porches/patios. Bainbridge said inconsistent behavior could amount to "selective enforcement," which is illegal. f) Light fixtures emitting anything other than white light are prohibited. a) Fits in the existing door opening and the same style and color as the original. Sun City Fire and Medical Department18602 N. 99th Ave Sun City, AZ 85373, Copyright 2020 | Sun City Fire District. make an informed decision when buying or selling a house. FILES ARE READYPlease click the button below to start downloading. Re-sodding a lawn with an approved grass. Many . T^X/K8QIFa3Ur$,nh!$.E@Z[!1ab/fjtTK$5=2-0? And I don't know why after six years somebody has taken a picture and said it's not acceptable.". If your 911 locator light switch stops working, it may not be broken. The committee reduced the number to 223 after finding several hundred residents had received approval from developers or the committee itselffor the borders. You can work from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. according to the noise ordinance in the City of Georgetown. They have so much to do with swimming and exercise facilities and hundreds of classes and groups to get involved with. At an August 31 board meeting, Brookstold residents that the board would listen to comments and criticisms about the driveway bordersbut wouldn't responddue to rumors of a pending lawsuit. I was curious as to the minimum amount of landscaping a home must have and in general what Im allowed to do to the exterior of my home as a resident here in Sun City Grand. These painted bricks line the side of some driveways, which the HOA's Architectural Review Committee says breaks code. Review guidelines for 2017 only allow for borders on driveway extensions, which Brooks contends is the intent of the original guidelines. Debi,thanks for your comments. Project Specs . If this segment will reach the rear property line, the third and fourth segments are not required. Painting a home's exterior without changing the color scheme. Wall-mounted light fixtures conforming to the referenced articles and: Garage door key pads, door peepholes and video door bells. Brent Kehrein was confused when he received his letter from the committee. Fencing with wood or wood-like composition material. Whether you're the type that likes larger trees or more, , there are options for all of us. Get the inside scoop on jobs, salaries, top office locations, and CEO insights. Mulching Material (Seasonal Placement). Combined use of both mesh materials and wildlife netting. Architectural Review Committee Meetings: 1st & 3rd Wednesday each month. If that doesn't work, please use the warranty information in the Sun Rays, usually at the bottom of page 5, to contact the developer for warranty information by email or snail mail. Monitors, Community Standards Office, Member's Services currently have them for free. Both large gates remain unlocked and available for use by maintenance personnel and emergency responders. On the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursday of each month, we begin the closed meeting at 9am. Tents, tenting and fabric shades other than approved permanent awnings. . Adding plants and shrubs in an existing planting bed. Polished or highly reflective lighting fixtures. A homeowner is responsible for meeting all DG requirements for the modifications listed even though an application and approval from the MC is not required. at the length required to reach the rear property line. Does not apply to LMH house or lots with developer-installed retaining walls. The information you submit is distributed to a Partner Agent, who is a licensed real estate agent. The paint chips used for researching paint colors, when we don't have a record of the original color scheme, are in binders located at the Community Standards Services located across the hall from Member Services on Texas Drive on the same wall as the Library. A drainage easement area beyond the fence, cut off by the fence, shall be maintained by the home owner in compliance with community standards. d) Flags or banners celebrating holidays listed in Appendix C. The location is great too off Bell Rd with shopping, dining, and now easy access on to loop 303. Golfers also have more courses to choose from, including Falcon Dunes Golf Course, Quintero Golf Club, Verrado Golf Club, and The Legacy Golf Club. a) Meet provisions of List 6-1 & 6-2. Please try again in a minute. Walkway, pathway or driveway recoating without changing the color scheme. Bird Baths/Bird Houses/Bird Feeders in rear yard that are 6-feet tall or less. There are plenty of activities available in Sun City Grand. Construction/Landscaping Debris Boxes ("Dumpsters"). [emailprotected]. Polished light fixtures are prohibited. From the CC&Rs: With respect to Party Structures located between residential lots, The Community "Well that's handy, but we need some dialogue about this thing and so forth," Stolarz said. The switch will fit right into the place of the old one. Given the complex nature of this neighborhood, the Modifications Committee will, upon careful consideration, allow small deviations from these provisions to address conditions unique to the applicant's property. Refer to Design Guidelines Article 3.15.b. Michael and Karen Giel felt the same confusion when they received a similar letter. A closed meeting is one in which the Committee reviews the applications in a private setting as opposed to an open meeting in which no files are open or applications reviewed.

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