the loud house fanfiction lincoln and ronnie anne fight

Let's have fun! - Lincoln said, annoyed. "Why'd she have to pack me this?!" Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Murders Harold McBride. If they destroy something I love, I have the urge to hate them. LINCOLN: (to the viewers) Ah. He responded and headed over to the group of students who had now formed a circle in the middle of the carpeted living room. (The sisters all walk out of the room, grab a sheet of paper and a pencil from Lisa and Lilys room, head downstairs into the living room and start drawing right away), (Lincoln is seen reading comics in the attic. In addition to Lincoln and Sid, her closest friends, she has also befriended a group of city kids by the events of "City Slickers", along with Laird following "The Two of Clubs". In Season 1, her jean shorts were initially blue. Lori: Leni! Could you tell us! - Lincoln said excited - And Bobby, too! (The students all shrug their shoulders, since theyre unaware who gave away the information). - Ronnie Anne said - So, where are you headed off to? At the Santiago residence, Ronnie Anne, lying on a couch, is feeling glum and depressed. Lincoln opens the door to see Ronnie Anne and Lola). After that experience, Clyde and I agreed to never bring this up again., (The students begin to laugh even harder than ever. "You remember how long I was attracted to Lori." continued Clyde. Leni: This is horrible! In regards to earlier episodes, her gratefulness and kindness is also shown in "April Fools Rules" where she pranks Luan in return for Lincoln protecting her from Luan's pranks. - Lincoln ask, RONNIE ANNE: Oh yeah, he's walking to Lori's house for a date. Lucy: Hey. Ronnie Anne: But I still get to hang out with Lincoln, right? - Lincoln laughs, (Ronnie Anne and Lincoln then throw snowballs to each other, Lincoln then skate and Lori catches him, Ronnie Anne then skate to Bobby and he catches her. (as Lola rummages through his desk, she discovers Lincolns comic) DO NOT TOUCH Okay. loud house fanfiction lincoln loses his memory Hakkmzda. (Lincoln then walk out of the school. "You were invited too?" This would prevent real people from being called, as people would attempt trying to call the phone number itself. Lori managed to empty out half of her closet, but Leni hasnt even decided on which one to give away. (At the Santiago Residence, the two lovebirds are playing video games, Lincoln's phone is ringing, they pause the game). When Clyde and I tried to change Lilys diaper, we couldnt withstand the smell of the diaper, so we tried to grab it without getting near it or being covered in it. (which might be the worst fanfiction ever) In this episode, Luna gets grounded by her parents for her obnoxiously loud music she plays 24/7, and becomes grumpy and impatient, so her siblings, after being sick and tired of it before that happened, try to help her become less insecure and angry, and also play quieter music. The experience scared the boy so much, he decided to never speak to his sisters again., The next day, the boy did something that made one of his sisters mad. Lincoln: Oh! I think it doesnt deserve to see the day of light, EVER!! She is Lincoln's other best friend and former classmate. RONNIE ANNE: It's a deal, and I can't wait to see you again, Bobby. (This revelation causes Lola to cry even harder). Just try to calm down. Lincoln: Yeah! / I miss him. As the sisters look on with pride at the comic burning away and Lincoln reacting to this. A few minutes later, the only sisters who arent ready are the twins. - Lincoln said. When she's not pitching in at the Mercado, you can find her exploring the neighborhood with her best friend Sid, or ordering hot dogs with her skater buds Casey, Nikki, and Sameer. Several hours later, its lunchtime and Lincoln and Clyde are getting their lunch. "WHAT? That how Lincoln sees you. Bobby: Ronnie Anne, thats no reason to break up with Lincoln. Only time will tell! The Loud kids are hard at work cleaning up their rooms. Luan: Who knows? You have to get rid of at least one dress. Lola is at first hesitant, since Lincoln would most likely be furious that she will humiliate him, but her tattle-tale tendencies kick in, and decides to take the journal. KernickyMaybelleMargaritaParRomeoYoon Kwan Kingston. Lola then hugs Lincoln, knowing shell defend him from their mockery. Now, I could write whatever goes on in my mind, and Ive got a lot of stuff in store! You want to see Ronnie Anne get back with Lincoln? RONNIE ANNE: (blushes) Me too, Lincoln. Some mature person you are. My friend Madeline was sitting out the couch, I noticed her out of the corner of her eye and waved before heading over. Lincolns shock turns into complete rage. (The sisters continue to laugh at Lincoln and Clydes humiliation, and Lincoln, enraged by this, mockery yells out in a fit of rage). BOBBY: I can't wait to see you, too, Ronnie Anne. (as Lola is about to head into her room, Lincolns journal suddenly falls out of her backpack. Things however turn more complicated than expected. Lana: Is there something you want Lola to do so your relationship with her can be fixed? Lori: YOU!!! Im surprised how hard I just insulted them. The more I thought about it, I realized "This mostly upsets the sisters, not Lincoln", so I changed it to embarrassing things Lincoln went through, like the fecal incident in "Two Boys and a Baby" and having a girly side in "Roughin' It". Sid, Adelaide and I just to came over to tell you the story! Despite being considered a major character for the series, she only made four onscreen appearances total in the main show before moving to Great Lakes City. Did you ever make it up to Lincoln? Give a round of applause for Lana Loud. My third fanfiction. With Ronnie Anne The brown haired latina took some clothes out of her bag, fighting the urge to gag at the sight of the pink outfit in it. And as for Lincoln, he has since become the town superhero. You girls were insulted just because I implemented you in a story that I made! No explosions going off this Spring Cleaning. Luan: He said that you have to perform an act of kindness that would lift his spirits. She is skilled at pottery, but bad at engineering, knitting, and preparing calamari. At 15, having confessed their love for each other, Ronnie Anne visits Lincoln to have their first date since becoming a couple. Later that day, the entire house is asleep. Dr. Lopez told me the more stressful you are, the more uncomfortable youll get. Lola: Come on, Lincoln needs to have something good. Unlike Lincoln, Ronnie Anne is not depicted on the title card of every episode of. My sisters didnt take my insult well, and they did something harsh to me. He asked. - Lincoln laments - They always have more fun, when I'm not around. LORI: Aw man, now we can't even go on our date! - Lori said, relieved - Is Ronnie Anne okay? Now, her clothes are darker. Loud House Fanfiction - Gear Up Add to Favourites By FirstDrellSpectre Published: Sep 22, 2019 24 Favourites 12 Comments 8K Views Lisa was sitting on her bed and reading a book, when suddenly she was interrupted by Lola driving her toy car on backyard. - Lori said, excited - (realizes something) Wait, where's Lincoln? "Roll Model with the Casagrandes" reveals that when she was about Carl's age, Ronnie Anne used to mimic Bobby's every move. You really are a stinker, first, figuratively, and now literally! Lori confiscates the repellent from Lenis hands). "Clyde? (ARGGH! Hes capable of doing anything. Unaware at what happened, Lana and Ms. Taber head back to their respective desks so they can get back on schedule), (Its recess time. I call it The Dome Home. Its about a boy named Damien, based on me, who lives in a house with ten sisters, based on my sisters. Im happy that you and Lincoln are back. And while they navigate this new life, they're starting to really their own childhoods, may have been a lot worse than they thought. Ronnie Anne: Ooh, thats harsh. (The other sisters walk into the living room). They looked to see their only brother, Lincoln Loud coming inside, clutching his side. Lincoln still hates me! the reporter said - So, stay in your houses, cause it's a blizzard coming. The sisters proceed to escort Lola home. "Who is it?" LINCOLN: At my house. Lola, knowing that she did a good deed by reuniting Lincoln and Ronnie Anne, leaves to give the two some privacy. They put their respective younger siblings down), LORI: It's cute to see you two with together. Dive in as some of the Loud kids and their friends get married. (The girls continue to cry on Lincoln while he rubs their backs in an attempt to console them for the next few minutes. Im only going to talk anybody who isnt one of my sisters. Lola: 44 trophies? Its all in the past, and Ive forgiven you all. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Lynn: Oh, I dont know, maybe you INSULTED US!! Completed uchihaclan You in here?" Back at the Loud House, Lincoln, all alone and in the house, is writing in his journal), Lincoln: (voice-over) Great. Lori: Leni, come on! Hope you like it. Ronnie Anne: Leave him alone, Lori! Lincoln: (adding the finishing touches) There. It perfectly describes life in the Loud House, but with my own original characters. The Princess and the Everlasting Emerald: A Royal Woods Fairytale. Lincoln: Yes. - Lincoln accepted. Lana: Yeah! They look outside to see the inflatable slide open), (The girls see a sticky note on his bed, it reads Reminder: Season Premiere of ARGGH!. - Bobby said, joy - So, you're ready for our date? She has a large family like Lincoln, but they are an extended family rather than an immediate family. Lincoln: Slightly. (Lana runs out of the room to meet up with the others. Lori: Could you two literally hurry up?! Luna: Listen, little dudette. ~Back to 3rd person POV~. "Fine, I'll see ya soon." "Hold up!" called Clyde. Lincoln gives an even colder stare at them, startling them. Sonic, a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, goes to Royal Woods to escape the roboticist tyrant Dr. Eggman, who destroyed the island where he lived. Bobby: Sure, sis. Lincoln mumbled to himself and decided to head upstairs and check his room. Clyde: Awesome! Quit it with the repellent! Lori: Lola, we know how to get Lincoln to love you again. The sisters are doing their usual activities. Might as well leave a note. Lincoln: Yeah. Back with Lincoln. Bobby: Why?! Come to think of it, my sisters all looked scared. Accidentally Lola crashed into tree. Much like her older brother, Bobby, who is dating Lori, Ronnie Anne had a supposed crush on Lincoln, but was too shy to show or admit it so she picked on him specifically because of her feelings towards him. Lincoln: Spring Cleaning. She also has good throwing aim. First time posting here. Oh! (Lemon heavy story Hazbin Hotel elements will be added in later). (Lincoln is at Gus Games and Grub with Clyde). Lincoln: Why do you have my homemade comic?! RONNIE ANNE AND LINCOLN: Bye! LORI: It is, we'll talk later little bro. A crash! I'm pretty sure everyone was anticipated for this. Ronnie Anne: Im feeling a little lonely right now. Lori is holding an ice pack on her left cheek. Lincoln: (yawns, then groans. RONNIE ANNE AND LINCOLN: (high five) Awesome! - Lincoln said sweetly, (Lori and Bobby then kiss each other, Ronnie Anne shrugs and she kisses Lincoln, also, then they kiss each other. She's fearless, free-spirited, and is quick with a plan. Clyde: So are you really not going to talk to your sisters ever again? Her eye is slightly damaged, but she can still see out of it though. The reason I made this fanfiction was because before I even thought about this fanfiction, I imagined the worst possible way Lincoln could brutally hurt one of his sisters. About 10 minutes had gone by and Lincoln had just finished buttoning the white buttons of his baby blue shirt when he heard a soft knock on the door. Thankfully, we decided to skip out on our interests to focus on whats more important. It reads READ ME), Lincoln: Alright. (she notices some slight damage on Lolas right eye) Uhhh what happened to your eye? The joke of Lincoln's swear being blocked off by crows and everyone reacting appalled to what they just heard is derived from. They became best friends following the events of "Save the Date", and both their rocky relationship and this tough love, while mostly shown in earlier episodes, would seemingly disappear by the time of "The Horror-Scope", their relationship stabilizing by then. (Lincoln walks out of the living room. Luan: Or like that jab he made on page 6. (Hearing Ronnie Anne say this horrifies Bobby). The day when we get to clean up the house and discover something we never knew we had. Lincoln: (infuriated) I cant believe this! Clyde runs into his bedroom, and the sisters, Bobby and Ronnie Anne jump into the truck and drive off. Please message me via my pen name, GiovanniGo on FanFiction via the private messaging option. Lola was the one who felt the most sorry, since she started it all by finding your comic. Ronnie groaned before thinking to herself for a bit. Clyde: Hey, man. She once mistook a man on the subway for a thief, when he was actually taking his grandmother's purse to the repair shop. Hope you enjoy it. RONNIE ANNE: (putting her hand on Lincoln's back) It'll be alright, I know you miss them, and we'll see them again. (Lincoln and Clyde continue to play arcade games for a few more hours. He responded with a horrible punch. - Ronnie Anne replied - If you want, you can come. By now, Lincoln has about a quarter of his journal filled up. Bobby: Great job, little sis. "Why aren't you downstairs?" (Lincoln places the comic deep into his sock drawer. - Ronnie Anne greeted. The Loud House: Save The Date (HISHE Edition) Edit Lincoln: Hey Ronnie Anne, Sid and Adelaide! loud house fanfiction lincoln loses his memory. In the city, Ronnie Anne has made another best friend in Sid Chang, and she doesn't want to disappoint her two best friends,[6] wanting the best for them. In a medieval fantasy fanfic authored by Ronnie Anne, young prince Lincolnicus is wed to the beautiful Princess Ronalda. The two silhouettes carry him to the bathroom, where another silhouette shoves a bar of soap into Lincolns mouth. Ronnie Anne is the only character to appear in the episode ". Ms. Taber: Alright, Lola. The sisters discover these sheets and pick them up. (They see the door is closed behind them), BOBBY: Funny, I thought that was open when I'd arrived. - Ronnie Anne mentions, (The two then sit on the couch and decide to watch TV, Lincoln notices something), LINCOLN: How come Bobby isn't here? We all made the assumption that your story was to make us look like idiots, but it dawned on us that every character matches us perfectly. I'm sorry for those pranks, I just don't wanted anybody teasing us being boyfriend and girlfriend. In Lincoln's room, Lincoln is hard at work deciding what to toss out and what to keep. Lincoln, scared at whats happening, struggles to free himself. We may have different views on things, but we all love each other. Thats why Im never speaking to them again for as long as I can. - Lincoln said, (A split screen shows the two then went to sleep), (Lincoln is sleeping on the couch, Ronnie Anne then walks to him with a plate of eggs, he wakes up). LINCOLN: She's fine. Well, you know what? Lincoln looks at them with a deep cold stare, causing the sisters to look away while cowering in fear. Lincoln sure is some kind of sissy. At Clydes house, Lincoln and Clyde are anticipating the second half of ARGGH! during a commercial break). RONNIE ANNE: Oh yeah, he's walking to Lori's house for a date. Most of the students are playing on the playground, except for a specific group of first graders). When she gets to the bottom, she lies unconscious as blood begins to seep from her mouth due to the missing teeth. (The sisters all jump into the truck and drive off. Please consider turning it on! This is the second time I made a fanfiction with a rather dark tone. The moment Lincoln and Lowie sees Lola, they briefly scowl, but then, Lola presses the play button on the boombox, and These Dreams by Heart begins playing. - Ronnie Anne mentions. Bobby sees his little sister slumping over on the couch, and approaches her. Both Santiago siblings have first names that start with an R, as well as second names starting with an A. (The siblings (except for Lily) all rush to Vanzilla, and quickly drive off. He slides down the slide and dashes off. But with the help of Carlota's singing group, anything can happen before the day of Christmas arrives. (Lincoln grabs a roll of paint tape from his desk, tears off a piece, writes Lincoln Loud with a permanent marker, and attaches it to the front of the journal. - Lincoln laments - I know it's fun hanging out with you, but I miss the ten sisters I know and love. "Come on, it's not that bad." Lincoln then lies down on his bed and falls asleep The next morning All of the girls wake up and immediately take action. Dear Lincoln, Lincoln: (gasping with horror) Oh, shoot! The moment she sits down, Lana and Ms. Taber walk back into the classroom. (to Lincoln and Clyde) Come on, Ill drop you guys off at your house. Kid #1: Oh, man. On October 14th,ten sistersdiscovered a book on a young boys desk. Lincoln: Yeah. (Lincoln wakes up with a sour mood on his face. (Lincoln refuses to answer) Answer me! - they said, (Lori then sign off of video chat and Ronnie Anne shuts off her laptop). Ms. Taber: Sure. Its back! I decided to make this comic because I, myself, am a huge fan of comic books, and what better way to say that by making your own. Lana: Come on! (Chandlers words cause the students to laugh ridiculously hard. My sisters and I were hard at work going through stuff we wanted to keep, and what we wanted to get rid of. Replied the voice from behind the door. Lola: You know what I think of this story? #ships Lincoln: Of course! A ghost is hiding in the closet, and Spectre is about to take him down! "I really need to head to the bathroom for a while.". LINCOLN: Aw man, and we were on the final level too! - Bobby informed - We're having the best time. She heads back to her desk). (As Lincoln goes through the last shelf in his room, Lincoln notices a book he never knew he owned. RONNIE ANNE: Who said I can't throw a snowball at you? Lincoln: Its called conflict. How can a story properly move without conflict? In Lincolns room, Lincoln has gotten rid of most of some unnecessary stuff). The title of this fanfiction is a reference to "The Diary of a Young Girl" by Anne Frank. Lincoln wandered around the house, seeing Ronnie Anne and the other female in front of her talking. "Yeah, sounds cool." As much as it hurt, I deserved it, because I just hurt my brothers feelings. The Loud House's Sonic the Hedgehog: The Fastest Thing Alive. LINCOLN: Ronnie Anne, I forgive you. Lola: Hmm Where did Lincoln put the big kid scissors. Luna: But the jab to me was probably the worst. Who would take a story seriously?! I hope my sisters dont find out about this. The secret you told everybody caused Ronnie Anne to break up with Lincoln. RONNIE ANNE: Me too, it's nice spending time with my (coughs) boyfriend. Ill be there in a few minutes! Lola: Some book I found on Lincolns desk. Because of this, (Ronnie Anne is about to tell something to Lincoln, but before she says it, the final school bell rings, and the students leave the school. She's a sassy girl who isn't afraid of a good fight and is #lincolnloud Were so emotionally attached to each other, that were nothing without each other. ARGGH! - Lincoln accepted nicely - And I'm sorry for all those mean things I'd said during that time, I hate how we're teased for dating. When the flashback ends, Lincoln and Clyde plop their faces on their food in utter shock like their hearts just stopped). Madeline called out with a smile grazing her face. The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. I brought my pet snake with me because its the most fascinating of my pets. They destroyed something I loved, so I hate them, too. What is it that you want to tell me? The girls, still in a state of horror, all head to their bedrooms. BOBBY: No worries, Ronnie Anne texted me that he's with her at our house. When they get to the elementary school, Lincoln, Lucy, Lana and Lola jump out, and the others quickly drive off. He slowly opened the door. I dont deserve to be his little sister because of how I treated him! RONNIE ANNE: S'up, lame-o. - Lincoln said - I'd miss you guys. I could write all of my feelings and adventure in this journal! "You've been spending too much time with Doctor Lopez." stated Lincoln. Lola: (sadly) Ronnie Anne, I think you need to learn something, and its not going to be pretty. (Lola is startled at Lucys appearance) What are you reading? Lana: This is my pet snake, El Diablo. No matter what situation youre in, youll always be my little sister. After accidentally causing a massive power outage while hiding in the small town, Sonic is found by Eggman. - Ronnie Anne replied, (Ronnie Anne then kiss Lincoln on his cheek, and the two then resume to watch the movie; Lincoln then finds Ronnie Anne sleeping on the couch), LINCOLN: I wonder how Lori is doing. Sorry about that night. As we all know, a few of Lincoln Loud's sisters aren't majorly nice as Leni, Luna and Lana, especially Lola Loud (kind of, it's before she got character development), but what if those roles were proceedingly reversed out of the blue?

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