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You can buy safe game trade here with Fast Deliver & cheap price 24/7 Live Support! It can hack and slash through anything if you learn how to use it. ", STR every 3,3,4,3,3,4etc points add 1 ASPD, INT first 6 points add +1 MDEF,then every 10 points will add +1 MDEF, INT every 10 points will increase your MP with one point, VIT first point adds +1 HP,then every 3 points +1HP, VIT first 6 points add +1 DEF,then every 10 points add +1 DEF, DEX +2,3,2,3etc ATK +1 MATK +1 HIT per point, Conclusion:It looks like DEX is the best for increasing ATK.This class is still newso don't hate me if I am wrong XDD. Or sign in with one of these services. Discussion in 'Warrior' started by UfuLamb, Jan 2, 2020. One-handed swords allow you to equip a subweapon, and are based on Dexterity. 2hs is a very versatile class as it boosts a great skill set to deal lots of dmg and sport decent durability. Swords of Legends Online. Pada kesempatan kali ini ana akan mengulas sebuah build rancangan seseorang player dari Indonesia bernama NaKano. Click here to read the rules before posting. Secondly,this class is easy to build. Job DPS terbaik untuk BS ini adalah Tombak. DEX mainly increases accuracy rate and it affects attack power a little. GUIDE #2 Wich Better to Choose Dual Sword & OHS Status ? RunnigatehD 1 yr. ago. This build is the latest v. Coryn Club - Toram Online Database is Cruithne. The stat damage % to element does NOT apply. it's still useful, and can keep up with most classes, but will never be as strong as bow or halberd are(the two strongest dps classes by a wide margin) The point behind dual is survivability, and speed. Decoy=10 (it's just that op of a skill to be a must have), Lalvada, Venena, Seele Zauga, Titeres, Tapir, Deniala. Stats: Al ser full dps debes ir con Full DEX + STR, ambos stats suben la estabilidad en bow, por lo que la estabilidad de tu arco, ms lo que ganas por stats y la estabilidad de la arrow fcilmente te harn llegar a 100% estabilidad, as que . For players new to the game, they may find confused with all kinds of weapons and skills and hard to make a choice. Get HP boost after that and you should be golden on the bare bones. Check out Video to see all about it! IIRC there was a certain old toram player who did do something like ehem @makOi. One-handed swords can be equipped with a shield, dagger or dual-wielded with another sword in the sub-weapon slot (you must have at least 1 point in Dual Sword Mastery in the Dual Sword Skills tree to unlock this option). Cookie Notice 1 hand sword build. Welcome, Steam Straye! AMPR [Attack MP Recovery] Yang sangat Cepat! - thats DJ Stove on thumbnail btw she's been choosing . Two-handed swords restrict usage of the sub-weapon slot . So,the stats don't change much even if you equip a shield or dagger. My swordsman lvl 44 deals 13k astute on mini bosses. "Brutally hit the target with the weapon. ''Raise AGI to increase physical attack power,dodge rate and attack speed. STR increases physical attack power a little. Almost a Hero - Idle RPG Clicker. MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Join the Super Hero Battle! Fortunately, this Toram Online building guide will show you how to build a successful character in the game. - More to come later on . 1. Pencarian Build ths tidak di temukan. ''Raise STR or DEX to increase physical attack power. Battlerite. _________________________________________________Join our Discord server to join giveaways, fun chat and above all, to feel how it is to be a part of the community! Its really how your playstyle works, but these 3 stats are necessary for balance and its the ONLY build in toram that works this way. - Bow Katana Build - Level 180 Offering 10m for Anti Degradation to a bot!! If the game could last that long until they release level cap 400, and you still playing it, you might get to see it overcome that DMG deficiency. Light Armor Mastery: 5-10* (You MUST be wearing light armor for this to work for your build). As with all classes the secondary weapon slot is only able to use certain attributes. What I did was full dex for damage, and skill points in the hp boost skill. Cartoon Dungeon : Age of cartoon. ^^, Stat : Fill VIT to 200/255 and fill STR/DEX, Main Skill : Take Knight/Guard/Shield/Sword/Survival, Stat : Fill STR to 255 and fill VIT/DEX/AGI/CRIT, Main Skill : Sword/Dagger/Battle/Survival. - how good your gear/avatars are. Stats for Dual Sword are Str, Dex, and Agil. There are 3 main builds you can make: The 1st one is meteor + buster + soul hunter build (current meta) The 2nd one is enchant sword and enchanted burst build (old meta) The 3rd one is the combination of the 2. ). whenever I ask a random stranger what's a good dps class most of them will answer bow or halberd, and occasionally finale or DW. Staff Fu by If you cannot make combo yet, unlock the option by skilling 10 different skill. enogupom - 09/30/2022: With this gift code you will receive exclusive rewards DPS: Black Knight of Delusion MP Boost: Pillar Golem Attack MP Recovery: Zega. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise . ''Raise STR to increase physical attack power. You can add DEX after INT for a DPS mage. Thanks, I wanna know refine effects on sub-hand 1H. Pure mage class, just with wider AoE and weaker MATK. Your choice. is a good starting point until more lvls and stat points. With more than 500 billion combinations available, feel free to create your own character to your liking! Dex > Raises main-hand by +2 > Increases hit/accuracy . The Forest. Set. 2 Handed Sword is one of the strongest DPS characters in Toram. Toram Online Indonesia - Tank 100% Murni [Build] 1H Shield By 'Alice. For more information, please see our Equipment and Xtals are arranged from Highest Damage to Lowest on Don Yeti, but does not necessarily mean from the best to the least, and may differ depending on build. If u decide to go the route with out charge skill trigger slash increases mp atk regen and is useful in boss fights with out waiting to recharge and take DMG. Do you guys have a newer build now for Dual Sword? Explanation: more HP, ASPD. Click here to read the rules before posting. Raise AGI to increase normal attack power. idk about that . Welcome, Steam Straye! Weaker against with: high crir esist bosses. some people try hard to boost stability as well, which can help (so think hard about your build before considering wind-up key) leeraine2204 4 yr. ago. 2. Not eligible for % off discounts. Jun 26, 2015 at 1:02pm via mobile screamingfox likes this. Main Skill : Sword/Battle/Survival Optional Skill : Priest/Knight/Guard Just your normal GungHo Greatsword user, deals enormous damage or being hybrid. But you will have double the stats! Arrows are less effective for bowguns than for bows. Crysta Umum . DEF -(100 - Skill Level)%; MDEF -(100 - Skill Level)%, Do u know exactly the formula is applied for dual sword skill. ;_; does this mean we cant abuse manual evasion to flashblast for 0mp? you can use any weapon you prefer with this build. With 2h and 8-9k with 1h (with combo astute with smite.) Now my hp is around 1,5k, not that high, but high enough to take some hits. Discussion in 'Dual Wield' started by Hiame, Feb 10, 2020. I can only now deal 150K ~ 200K damage. Witch It. DEX is recommended because it also raises accuracy rate. However,STR is better for Phantom Slash from what I heard and AGI is better for an evasion build. 2h or 1h doesnt matter. Armor Crystas HP Boost: Roga (Iconos) MP Boost: Jade Raptor (Super Death Mushroom) DPS: Cerberus. I suggest starting with 100 dex stat & if youre looking at more power you can then start to add points between strength & agility. Privacy Policy. - Testing AllKill, the Anti Deg seller bot in Sofya CONNECT WITH NOTY OUTSIDE TORAM LINE : not4u2nvDiscord : not4u2nv# 3166Donations Kelebihan build Dual Swords. Pls answer. . Stronger against with: low crit resist bosses. Conclusion:STR is better than DEX for ATK. Physical/Magical Dmg reduction is as follows. Fee. Some bosses . Once all the 10 point skills are achieved, you can go back and add more points to the ranged skills as necessary. Stat : Fill VIT to 255 or balanced VIT>AGI, Main Skill : Knuckle/Shield/Knight/Guard/Survival, Main Skill : Shot/Hunt/Tamer/Battle/Survival. But once a player activates rampage, dodge becomes 0 so it doesn't matter how much your AGI is. Physical Defense (1/Lv max Lv 50), Magic Defense Boost (1/Lv max Lv 50), MaxHP Boost (10/Lv . Conclusion:DEX is the only stat that adds ATK. Stats other than element are also a waste, crit stats or any others for that matter, WILL NOT WORK. Guard skills & Battle skills can be interchanged in order if you want more evasion for your build. There isnt any of that "new player smurfing outplays people with good gear" type of thing. You're a Methodical Tactition of Death and Destruction, and you only need 1 level. Hi, Everyone~Welcome back to My NEW Channel & NEW Video It's Me again !I'm sorry for very long time not Upload Build Videos & make You waitingand, Now I wan. Earth Defense Force: Iron rain. Trigger Slash: When used, Trigger Slash will buff the user of 10AMPR(at LV. You need access to the tier 3 skills (I see in the screenshots theyre all locked. : Build for 2H? It is also very newbie friendly since it provides crit rate for those who can't afford a crit set yet, and at the same time provides perfect crit rate from skills for a full dmg gear setup for our dps junkie friends! Barangkali kamu mencari Toram leveling finder. Sticking with 2hand sword bc it's my favorite, I cant change weapons atm due to only having 1 weak sword. > This skill be slightly different with the upcoming release of the new guard and evasion system. 1.THS(Two Handed Sword) This class is like,the most picked and popular class in toram. CriticalDamage7%, CriticalDamage+15, Critical+15 & Critical 15%. We have been expecting your arrival. Ships from the USA, typically within 2-3 business days. - Testing CF with infinite range How did I do 1.1mil Garyou + 1.4mil CrossFire?? If you just started, it might take same spina to buy the skills. There are two types of swords: One-handed and two-handed swords. Nevertheless THS grants Guard activation, so you should basically build up for DPS, Heavy Armor and certain Equipment will increase Guard Rate and Guard Recharge. - Happi (ft. bby ivy) [NCS Release] Code - Make Me Move (feat. Attack7%, CritDamage+15, Critical+15 & 15%. The second is a small gamble with 90-95%, so if you are able to take some risks you can try it out. Also im digging some sort of info bout what xtal stats are priority, most people use lynx but isnt 3% stab is so small, why not just use tuscog? Your Price: $299.99. and our By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Sword? ''Raise INT to increase magic attack power. STR also increases the attack power a little. Enchant became so slow for 2h after they nerfed it. I'm kinda new to dis game. Raise AGI to increase the attack power of Sub-Weapon, STR also increases attack power a little.''. I've listed the skills from top to bottom in the order of necessity. Zookeeper World. This is my personal 2H build since people keep asking Notes:Lunar Slash Additional Hit Critical Rate is 100+CRTLunar Slash Additional Hit is affected by Ze. Tips: Raise 290 STR, 100 VIT and 147 AGI, it will bring you durability, AMPR and medium damage. Conclusion:AGI is the best stat.STR,INT,DEX are pretty much uselss. RPG Toram Online - MMORPG. STR increases physical attack power a little. I'm not sure what is optimal after that. The only way to increase damage in this game is to improve your gears and to know how to prorate and stuff. If your leaning on the tank/durability side you can have more skill points to allocate for tanking skills lvl5 Warcry will mostly serve as an aggro generator for a tank 2hs, but if you have extra skill points lvl10 warcry is always awesome.. i would think MP/HP boost would be optional too, eps since there are food buffs that covers it. Far Cry 5. Re: Two-Hand Sword Build. Additional attacks will be generated when dealing magic damage to the target marked by this skill. Just my little note about everything in Toram Online, if you guys want to read or need any info from here be my guest. '', STR first 4 points add +1 ASPD then every 10 points will add +1 ASPD, AGI +2 ATK +2 FLEE +1 CSPD +5 ASPD(sometimes 4) per point, DEX first point adds +1 ATK then every 2 points add +1 ATK, DEX first 4 points add +1 ASPD then every 10 points add +1 ASPD. . STR every 3,3,4,3,3,4etc points add 1 ASPD A lot of happy customers. Toram Online - Halberd (HB) Build + Tier 5 & Dark Skills Lv.260. :(. 1.1K Ditonton. SMASH LEGENDS. Max your agi to the limit that ur atkspd can make =D and dex improves ur atkspd too but if u want u can use luk for crits and lessen time to be unfroze curse silence and other abnormal status you'll have. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. You can choose to do for every 2 points in strength you do 1 in agi up until str100 & then youll see what your attack and damage is like, then adjust stats from there. Light Armor Mastery: 5-10* (You MUST be wearing light armor for this to work for your build). I stress these two things because it can be entirely disheartening to spend millions on things you cant use. Lots of reading ahead but I promise you it'll be informative and a quick refresher for new and old players! Twin Slash: 5-10* Phantom Slash: 10 Cross Parry: 5-10* Charging Slash: 5-10* Shadowstep: 10 Dual Mastery: 10 Dual Sword Control: 10 Godspeed: 10 Reflex/Flashblast: OPTIONAL, Hard Hit: 5-10* Astute: 10 Trigger Slash: 10 Sword Mastery: 5-10*, Safe Rest: 5 HP Boost: 10 Short Rest: 5 MP Boost: 10, MP Charge: 1 (Always keep a staff in inventory & switch to staff when using this skill, it speeds up the charge time! If you havent already achieved level 70 on your account, do it. Dual Sword Mastery - (MP Needed: Passive) Dual Swords Only - The first skill in the Dual Sword Skill book. The power increases if Enchant Sword hits the target and [Weaken] will be inflicted. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. Add aura and slash consecutively. Evasion automatically cast Evasion Attack (counted as Unsheathe Attack). And last but not least.. 1 pcs. Superior quality that you can't find elsewhere! Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Your normal everyday Bow user, you can pick just a normal Bowman, Bowman with traps, or Bowman with pet (tamer). Also additionals are mostly 10% stab, does it really gve tons of benefit compared to additionals with atk and srd? A player is given a choice of Halberd, One-Handed Sword, Bow, Staff, Katana, and Knuckles/Fists at the beginning of the game. Stat : Fill STR 255 or fill balanced between STR:VIT. '', AGI +1 FLEE +1 CSPD +3 ASPD(sometimes +4) per point, DEX +3 ATK +1 MATK +1 HIT +3 CSPD(sometimes +2) per point. It can hack and slash through anything if you learn how to use it. If you have high dodge then you'll dodge more and evade less. 10 4 . Hi, Everyone~Welcome back to My NEW Channel & NEW Video It's Me again !I'm sorry for very long time not Upload Build Videos & make You waiting.In this video. This post is about the VISIBLE STAT from the ''build character'' page. DEAD OR ALIVE 6. . Focus on your dual wield tree first. You will get an emblem that gives 2 combo points for you to starts with. As the skill levels up, it reduces the decline in accuracy rate and critical rate (from using two weapons). Refinement of weapon: higher refinement increases your attack power exponentially by level of refine. There is one other type but its an expensive and risky gamble. Listen here you useless pile of Pelulu, there's only three things you NEED in life. Let's explore the MMO world! Halberd? Hi, Everyone~Welcome back to My NEW Channel \u0026 NEW Video It's Me again !I'm sorry for very long time not Upload Build Videos \u0026 make You waitingand, Now I want to show You My Dual Sword (DS) Build Cap 200This Build I prever for Survive PlaystyleI Hope this Video can help You for Build Your Character_________________________________________________I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE INFORMATION DETAILED HEREDetail Information for skill, source :Toram Online Forum \u0026 Special Thank's for :ArgoAyaPrecariaRed_FoxIslandiCypherianSowckariinTheXIIIthGuymayamENJOY WATCHING~_________________________________________________SOUNDTRACK :- Mojo- Zone of Feeling- Golden Shower- Neon- Shake SkyPowered by,SIBERIAWAVE : Records : I Hope You LIKE it Please Comment \u0026 LIKE My VideoDONT FORGET to \"SUBSCRIBE ! IMPORTANT : If any artist or label has Copyright issues with My Videos (including artists of the images used)Contact Me : # # #Toram #ToramOnline #NaKano #ToramNaKano #ToramOnlineNaKano #ToramDS #ToramOnlineDS #ToramDualSword #ToramOnlineDualSword #ToramBuild #ToramOnlineBuild I actually left my MP Boost blank cuz i have capped MP with my food buff running. Also Heavy Armor Mastery, Advanced Guard and Physical Guard from Guard Skills can help you. If the staff has an element,the magic may change. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Dual Sword Skills are skills/attacks for dual swordsmen and thus are used with two one-handed swords. It is a bit heavy to move around due to the skill animation so you need to time your skills right, but with practice, meteor can also be used to evade deadly dmg or pesky interrupts while dealing dmg at the same time! Sacrificing DEF/MDEF for attacks. Well the full des build is very helpful guys I have another question about the build now that I have my stats in place I would like to get my gear in order what would be the best set up for that and for the gear would I run heavy or light? Toram Online Best Weapons (Ranked Best To Worst) . Shadow Warrior 2. So far you should focus on leveling. (Magic) Staff? Anything you like! "Raise DEX to increase physical attack power and accuracy rates. Attack10%, Strength10%, Crit Damage 10%, Crit Damage +20. they nerfed it hard cuz it wasn't supposed to be that strong to begin with. Dual wield, Magic sword, 1H Dagger build 5th Theres no Status Limited Dmg 6th 2HS Skills are not Limited You cn use Knuckle and Magic for Proration 7th Staff users dont need atack speed because . Str>agi is the best stat setup, and crit+atk gear (maybe something with aspd too, wandering wheel, time warp watch, wind-up key) maximize the potential of dw. Element: only the awakened element will apply such as Earth, Fire, Wind etc. vipr. This post is about the VISIBLE STAT from the ''build character'' page. You'll be getting both by the time we can max 2 stats regardless. Anda bisa juga menggunakan job Tinju, namun damagenya terlalu kecil. new build wont help. References : 2H DPS by Indoplace1 2H Various Build by The Revenant 2H Various Build by Aromitic 2H DPS by -Kazuki- Str>agi is the best stat setup, and crit+atk gear(maybe something with aspd too, wandering wheel, time warp watch, wind-up key) maximize the potential of dw. Just remember you might not get the original back if you enhance! Skill. If you are finding content here interesting, do share your thoughts in the comments section and to make sure you don't miss anything, subscribe to the channel by clicking this link below. I'm a total noob to this and was looking for builds for 1 h sword users like myself I don't know where to put my stats or my skills and no matter where I look no one has given me any sort of answer as to what I should do so please someone help me I want to be high damage but I don't wanna get killed in 2 hits I have wolf armor dragon sword magicians ring and I don't want to use shield all help will be much appreciated thank you. The xtals in parentheses are the enhancers for the originals. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Please update this one since its more completethan the other guide. Math Calculator. For one who wants always be Kirito from SAO. ''Raise DEX to increase physical attack power and accuracy rate. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Feel free to decide your own fighting style! GMV - Balf Revenge | Toram Online - Zanuba - 29 Ditonton. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Valid Gift Codes. "But wait Keiran, dont you need those last two skills at level 10 to incre---". Mainly used for DPS melee role, quite versatile in skill combination. Staff variation class. Enjoy Toram Online on your big computer screen without having to worry about your data usage or battery! Left click to add skill Right click to remove skill (or click on orange icon at bottom left corner to toggle left click effect) Click on skill tree's title to show/hide the skill tree Wider combo moves with knuckle skills. . 1. Pokeone. Bonus:STR actually adds CRIT damage for all weapons.So where I wrote ''STR is useless'' I meant it is useless for ATK increasing. This skill allows you to equip 2 One-Handed Swords. You should also choose crit as your personal stat for future use. Dual wields are difficult builds because they rely on multiple stats in which to have balance and power. Please Login or Register. Toram Online begins by offering the player six types of weapons. some people try hard to boost stability as well, which can help(so think hard about your build before considering wind-up key), Thank you, I will change class due to this, DW is costly to live with. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. The next step would be to get the first sword passive to 5, then the second to 5, and the final one to 10. Equipped with a "Skill Tree" system enabling players to enhance and strengthen their characters as . Toram Online is Asobimo, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Additional Gear DPS: Inzanio Cape AMPR: Two Headed Snake Crown, Add Crysta DPS: Warmonger (ProtoLeon) Attack Speed: Yelb AMPR: Silver Roar, Special Gear (rings) AMPR: Time Warp Watch MP: Chocolate Ooze Tali, Crysta DPS: Brutal Dragon (York) AMPR: Shining Gentleman or Bexiz, Theresa pretty thorough answer to your question. As the player ventures further into the game more weapons become available to them. Trigger Slash: Gives 20 AMPR after using it; and also it boost the Motion Speed of the next skill used after Trigger Slash. Toram On 0 Tax Toram nline Archer Build Toram Online - [CLOSED] Giveaway + Subscribers Free Xtalls and Random Amount Spinas Toram Online For Beginners Tora. For One handed sword Dex is only recommended because it gives hit for reliable damage. If you don't want to read all those stats,I wrote a conclusion at every weapon,you can read only that if you just want to know which stats to use. Swords are one of the eight weapon types of Toram. Stat : Fill AGI to 255 and fill VIT/DEX/STR/CRIT, Main Skill : Knuckle/Dagger(Shots)/Battle/Survival. '', INT first 6 points add +1 MDEF,then every 10 points add +1 MDEF, AGI +2 ATK +2 FLEE +1 CSPD +4 ASPD per point, DEX +1 MATK +1 HIT +3 CSPD (rarely 2) per point. nona lin. Use combo between shots & magic. [Build] Rampage x Tempest x Binding Strike by -Ucing-Toram Online Indonesia - Build Katana! I put most of my stats into dex and str for this 2h Character. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. What does the above mean for your secondary weapon? "Profession", which is often the case with RPG, does not exist in Toram. There are two types of swords: One-handed and two-handed swords. Anda pun bisa menggunakan job Dual Sword, namun akan sangat susah membagi poin skillnya nanti karena kebutuhan skill untuk Dual Sword cukup banyak.-BS craft Katana dan Tinju Isikan ke DEX dan sisanya ke AGI.

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