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And have healthy relationships. Add to library 63 Discussion 91. As part of the imprinting, Jacob will only be a brother figure to Renesmee until she comes of age, by which time she may develop romantic feelings . In truth, Jacob is really drawn to baby Renesmee. Everything has been carefully planned, but it all spins out of control when the birth happens one day early: the placenta suddenly detaches, and Renesmee begins to suffocate and tries to tear her way free, breaking several of Bella's bones in the process. He then went out the door slamming it behind him, he's probably going to cool down. Bella goes missing and meets an injured wolf. Bree was learning to be her own person with Rosalie and Emmetts support. In truth, Jacob was drawn to the unborn Renesmee. She moves schools and moves in with her mom after her dad kicks her out. bella, edward and renesmee lemon fanfiction He phased for the first time when he was 16 years old. Charlie requests to be told as little as possible about the supernatural so that he may be able to deal with it. This is a fully self-indulgent fic based off an AU myself and a close friend created for Twilight out of our love for Charlie Swan. Will the Cullens be able to protect her from the grief that drags her under? Please consider turning it on! Everything suddenly changes with her decision to move to a new city thanks to her job where she will meet many people from her past. This was simply due to Renesmee imprinting with Jacob Black. Chapter 1: The Start. The man started to shake with anger then he looked at her. She was born after the venom was injected into Bella. What will she do when not only does Victoria claim her as her mate, but Rosalie returns claiming the same thing? Isabella Swan was a disaster when Edward had left. She is one of a kind. He returns to attend their wedding reception and nearly gets into a fight with Edward. Ditching class is strictly prohibited, Ms. Swan, says a deep voice from behind me, and my eyes fly open. He knows about werewolves and he knows the Cullens are some flavour of supernatural. She is wild. Meet Allie Elizabeth Cullen. Charlie is told that Bella changed and Charlie is on a need to know basis. Press J to jump to the feed. The Cullens decide to gather as many friends as possible to help them witness that Renesmee is not Newborn to avoid the Volturi's slaughter. I have to show you something." After finally meeting the woman that his brother had spent the past year raving about. | The official home for all things Disney Master Of The Universe Fanfiction Twilight Forest Wiki Princess Jasmine is the deuteragonist of Disney's 1992 animated feature film, Aladdin. Edward calls Jacob "his son" proving that he too has accepted him. twins. I may take requests if this gets a few reads. But when her stepsister, Bella's, mother remarries, she makes the tough choice to move to Forks to live with her father and his blended family for the rest of her high school career. I've never seen him like this before, it's kinda scary, but looks like I have to deal with this. He is the Chief of Police in Forks, Washington . Please review. Renesmee and Charlie sat and listened in closely. That's the message we've received over and over from Twilight, including at the moment of Renesmee's birth. He got so scared he jumped and fell on his back. Instead, shes turned into a vampire, discovers her gift, and lives her life. Twilight has fostered a close community since its release in 2005, and r/Twilight is proud to have served as the home of The Twilight Saga on Reddit for over a decade. Bella Swan is trying, she's trying to get better, trying to heal, but the nightmares won't give her the time of day. Work Search: Edward corrected me. Better summary inside. Rosalie's choice also influences Rosalie's husband, Emmett, and their parents Esme and Carlisle, and so Edward can't force Bella to have an abortion. But trying to endear her to her would-be murderer proves a near-impossible task, especially when it becomes obvious the teenage girl in question is convinced they're her enemy for all the wrong reasons. In Breaking Dawn, Jacob assumes that Bella has become a vampire after hearing that she and Edward have returned from their honeymoon and demands the pack to attack the Cullens. And that "very large dog" scene always makes me laugh. Jacob is completely over Bella and the wolves are forbidden to harm Renesmee, because it is against pack law to hurt or kill the person a wolf imprints on - there is no exception to this of all the pack laws. This is due to her conception, which occurred while Bella was still human. She didn't realise she was holding her breath in awe, until the wolf's eyes closed again, releasing her from the stranglehold of his intent gaze. "Dad, this is Renesmee and Rosemary." I gave him a wolfish grin and walked up to him. I looked at Jasper and sent him a thank you smile, he just gave me a curt nod in return. He also tells him that if he could deal with the weird and pretend that things are normal, then Bella will be able to stay for a while longer. I'm adding the preface of the original Twilight book since I feel it fits best. Adult content. I think he takes Zoloft now, though, so I guess he doesnt have it anymore. I toned down the shiny-new-toy vibe that Bella gets/gives when she starts school, and made it clear that it's NOT okay how persistent Mike is when Bella's not interested. Jacob Black, her childhood friend turned best friend, helps Bella come to grips with her trauma and subsequently both develop feelings for each other. imaginary friends, and a whole new town spins Tobia and his mom, Meloria, into a life they could've never imagined. Ignored most of her life by the ones She wanted and needed most. An incredibly soft and simple moment between a father and his daughter. Everyone loves her she's the heart of the family. ~~~Charlie's Pov~~~I went up the stairs and that's when I saw Bella. Many characters will probably seem out of character, but that is due to this being an AU in which Charlie, Esme and Carlisle are all dating. Many fans cringed at the thought of Jacob Black giving Renesmee the equivalent of a promise ring during her first Christmas. They have also written several books. I also strengthened a lot of relationships, mostly with Bella--Charlie, Renee, Phil, Jules, Leah, Seth, Rebecca, Rachel (if you don't know who the last two are, that's exactly why I'm including them), Harry, Billy, Angela, and Jessica. Charlie's life as the divorced police chief of Forks, Washington was dull until his daughter got into a car crash and he met the best doctor in all of Washington. Living in the quaint little town of Forks, Washington is a quiet and comfortable life for young Dawn Swan; she has space to run and be herself, a loving family and good friends. Esme & Charlie Don't get us wrong; Esme and Carlisle Cullen are great as the matriarch and patriarch of the entire Cullen family. About three things I was absolutely positive;First, The Cullens are Definitely VampiresSecond, I am a Raging Lesbian with the Hots for Alice CullenAnd third, Edward is a Fucking Twink. "Are you crazy, the Volturi kill anyone who knows about us!" Since Alice can't "see" hybrid futures, Bella's pregnancy removed her from Alice's vision, making her sister-in-law panic and call to confirm that she was still alive during Edward and Bella's honeymoon. Maybe it was due to the fact that she always wanted her own little family, o One day not so long ago a baby girl was born. "And here I thought those stories Billy and Harry told me were just stories." After his mother died in a car accident and his twin sisters moved away, he became his father's only family. #jake Meanwhile, Bella has a lawyer J. Jenks create fake IDs and documents for Renesmee and Jacob, hoping that they would be able to escape the Volturi and start a new life somewhere in Rio where they might run into Jasper and Alice. Nessie actually sounds a lot less weird than "Renesmee," especially if the kid ever makes any friends and has to actually introduce herself. Charlie Swan Renesmee Cullen Victoria (Twilight) Riley Biers Canon-Typical Violence Swearing Vampires Wolves Shapeshifting Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence But Only a Little Bit - Freeform Comfort Angst and Hurt/Comfort Hurt/Comfort Edward Cullen Being an Idiot Edward Cullen Being an Asshole Jacob Black Being an Idiot #renesmee He doesnt know that vampires exist. I didn't expect to meet them years after nor what that would mean for my precious family.". By the time other babies are speaking, Renesmee is running, jumping, and wearing clothing from the children's department. There's an ongoing bitter feud between the werewolves and vampires of Forks, with an uneasy truce. She redefines what it means to be an old soul, growing too rapidly for her parents to even enjoy her toddler years. This is a cannon divergent retelling of the original story: the same characters with a different plot. "I'm sure. Jacob Black imprinted on Renesmee Cullen, the daughter of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, at birth in Book 2 of Breaking Dawn. Doctor Cullen, a man who he had respected before but the more he gets to know him, the more he feels like, who has to hide something.Yet he cant help but feel intrigued by this man and the many secrets he holds.The question is: How many layers of secrets can one person have. Edward is placed on trial in front of the Volturi for his actions, while Bella struggles to adjust to life as a newborn vampire. While she's only in one of the series' books, Renesmee Cullen is one of the most controversial figures within the Twilight universe. Sequel to My Soul, Your Heart.The shits and giggles continue I guess. Seth and Leah Clearwater join him shortly after and help him guard the Cullen house and prevent Sam's pack from attacking. JxB, One second. Will she run back to her old life? Fleur498 21 days ago. Jacob didn't gift her a ring, but the charm bracelet that he gave Renesmee was his tribe's equivalent of a promise ring, so it had the same implications. "Maybe a tad bit slower." Carlisle and Esme were thrilled to see their family as close as it had ever been (despite Harry avoiding them often), while Alice bathed in the happiness of her family. He's an average man in an average town, maintaining an average, comfortable life for himself and his teenage daughter. Instead he and his family moved place to Renesmee and Jacob have gotten something that they've always wanted: kids. Alice works at the local coffee shop, Spoons, in Forks, Washington. God its so long. I'm basically just changing the things I don't like about the original and adding a different plot. After a murder happens under bizarre circumstances, Charlie finds himself with a doctor-for-hire trying desperately to find the killer while protecting his own life. Now that he leaves her behind, abandoned and hurt, Bella seeks comfort in the arms of the Cullens only to find Jasper's, and he's just as hurt by his brother's lies. Unwanted Cullen (Book #1) by Kal. But when the woman figures out his secret, maybe the way she sees herself could change too. As alarming as it is that Jacob, believing that Renesmee's birth had resulted in the loss of Bella's life, decided to off the newborn baby right then and there out of revenge, it's really just a Twilight tradition. Hes attractive to the point of absurdity, all rippling muscles and long legs and thick, curly dark hair. "Yes, she gets them from my birth mother." And she doesn't get imprinted o. Her hair was darker, her skin was paler, and she looked more beautiful than before. This is answered in the books and the movies. Their writing has been featured in numerous magazines, literary journals, digital projects, educational media, websites, nonprofit materials and marketing campaigns. Now, eighty-five years later shes back and so are the Cullens! Renesmee had felt his presence from the womb, as well as the presence of the rest of her family. By three weeks of age, Renesmee is already walking, beating normal babies by months, and she can speak in full sentences by the end of her first week of life, when most babies can only cry and make random noises. "Jake, put your clothes back on." "I'm guessing she gets her eyes from your side Edward?" #edward I was led to the living room and we all sat. 44. A retelling of Twilight: New Moon, but instead of using unhealthy coping mechanisms, Bella eats Ben & Jerry's and watches "Interview with the vampire" on repeat. This story starts off when Bella is very young. The Volturi aren't happy with the hybrid children, they thought Renesmee was a threat, being h Edward left bella pregnant in newmoon and never came back. Anyway our conversation about Charlie continues until we mentioned leaving Forks. Blamed for almost everything, and unwanted by the. Hey, Jasper., HP/TwilightDraco Malfoy & Jasper Hale Pairing. Twilight. Work Search: Edward is annoyed by his choice of gift, but Bella copes, knowing that they will have to hand their daughter over in his care: the bracelet is merely a sign of devotion. Charlie Swan's life changed when it ended. Credit to: happylildinosaur (TikTok username). The Volturi (Twilight) Light BDSM BDSM Love/Hate Stockholm Syndrome Alessia Swan is the younger sister of Bella. One of the wildest things about Renesmee Cullen is her ability to not only communicate with her father, but to reason with him while inside the womb.

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