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At my school the coaches just started to put seniors who do not have varsity requirements on JV. I talk about that issue there. I hope this works out well for your son. My son's situation is a little different, but I'd like to make a point. Devonta Freeman. Theres exceptions to the rule. MAKING IT ON VARSITY : Coaches Take Care When Dealing With Talented Freshmen. Schools use JV to train their rising stars. Who Invented College? Id work hard training with a better team and better coaches and perhaps earn a chance to compete with the starter. JV helps you develop your own personal style, build a relationship with your team and hone your teamwork. Meanwhile, you could play in a lower lever and not only enjoy playing time but perhaps be the star of the team. So, what is varsity? His . Because wrestling was my main sport in high school and I was actually just playing soccer to get in shape for the wrestling season. If they dont, Id take the varsity slot. Also majority of coaches/managers recommended players to go to the all stars because they are the kids of their buddies and their own kids (others with more talent are bypassed, not given the deserving opportunity). If youre unsure how youre doing, ask your JV captain or coach what else you could be doing to improve. and our The Bucks also got a starter back for the state tournament, which was a . The practices might be at a higher level with the varsity team, however the pressure that actual game experience provides will help you be a better player! Bench Warmer on Varsity. The obvious con of the benchwarmer on Varsity decision is no game time. Therefore, I think it truly depends on the individual goalies situation and personality. He has been throwing this pitch since he was about 12. Your college application is much more than just checking off that box. At the parents meeting before the season started the HC said there are freshmen (DDs) who should be playing varsity and upperclassman who should be playing JV, then said he is playing all of his returning players from last year. It is the varsity team that gets a chance to represent the institution. The senior ahead of him on the Varsity was an all city, all state player. this does not make any scenes. He pitched last week against the #3 AAAAA team in the state and beat them. Usually, at the heart of the problem is the question: Why is my child sitting the bench? Varsity starter as a senior. He is not one of those man-child's. Some schools allow students to participate in both varsity and junior varsity competitions as long as the total number of competitions doesn't exceed the allowed contest maximums. From an individual standpoint, the number one goal should be to get better. 08/17/2021 08:19 Subject: Starting on JV vs. HS ball just doesn't provide. I really dont want my season to be over just yet. Not every kid iso going to be good, but they can get better. They had some hard hits against him, but he kept his head and did what he needed to get outs. "It was awful," he said. P.S. He learned to be resilient in the face of rejection. Occasionally, if the game is less important, a school may send a junior varsity team to compete. High school and college sports in the United States are typically played at the varsity and junior varsity levels, so any student athlete wishing to compete will join one of the two. Mattoon's best shooter. And it was mostly so the JV could act as a scout team. The colleges wont care about the soccer level unless you are a recruited athlete. Right now I am a junior and I have played on the varsity tennis team at my high school for 2 years with letters (freshman and sophomore). Swamp Foxes power their way to state finals. I served as a backup 2 years in college and I still had a ton of passion for the game. After leading Elmira's junior varsity team to its first STAC title as a seventh-grader, Abrams made the jump to varsity in eighth grade and joined an established roster that included current . However, my decision is based upon what grade you are in. Well help you plan your best route to great colleges. (1) Why doesn't my child make it onto the playing field for any minutes or seconds. By electing to play JV you never get this opportunity. And it makes sense: when you enter jv, youll be just about entering your teens, while the varsity players, most of them seniors, are going to look like giants compared to you. Yes, college is harder than high school, but without high school, you wont get into college. It seems to me youd be a starter and an impact player on JV, which is a lot more fun that getting very little playing time, which is likely, on varsity. Im kinda stuck between which one I should choose, Im personally fine with playing on either but which one would colleges like better? We got him on a select team mid way through a season, and again he barely played. They are the players that win and lose games and take the team to glory. Be real with yourself and your kid. While both types of teams require excellent athletic ability and offer fantastic opportunities for self-improvement, there are important differences between the two. JV games often occur before a lead varsity game, but a game order can be changed depending on the circumstance. Required fields are marked *. Particularly if it helps you get more playing time and improve Varsity Benchwarmer or JV Starter? Or does how I play matter more? Totally. How is a young lacrosse goalie to decide? You must continue to study, do well in class, and hit the gym. Don't know how to treat this situtation. If your kid isn't playing varsity and is getting benched he has to work harder and beat the other kid out. She sat the bench pretty much all sophomore year. I don't really mind where I play but I'm afraid playing in JV might be the best place to grow as a player. Im really sorry to hear that. pitcher has pitched more than 2 innings. If by the Wikipedia definition of varsity, it is a sport that represents a school, and competes against other school's teams. I could be a captain and best or top two on JV.but play with people a bit worse than me, which frustrates me while I play. The obvious answer is to demonstrate leadership while playing varsity. . There is joy in playing a lot, and being one of the best players. Your email address will not be published. A Guide to Public School Holidays. SA. Many little league organizations choose their "all stars" based on other players voting for them making it a popularity contest (friends vote for them not considering baseball talent). Right now I am in a splint and an ace bandage that the trainor put me in. Concussion protocols in many areas has adopted the policy that if an athlete shows any sign of concussion, they must be cleared by a medical professional before returning to play. Ask the kiddo - do not worry about the college part of it yet as a junior. For example, at the high school level, football teams are normally divided into junior varsity and varsity teams. Son is RHP/C/OF and 1 of 3 freshman to make his HS varsity team. Resilience. Is this normal???? i am assuming every school is different, no right or wrong. But all stars doesn't really mean any thing. I'm sure Shad was a good coach at one time but as he got older other interest evolved. You must be signed in to continue. Does he need to get stronger, hit better, throw better; whatever it is, it is all good information and something concrete that he can do something about.He obviously loves baseball, as long as he has played it. Varsity refers to the varsity team of a school, depending on the sport.This means that they represent their school in national and international sporting events of that level. Currently he is only junior playing on the team the other junior who was playing got hurt. Ive seen it too and yeah I guess its another option. I'm a sophomore pitcher and 3rd baseman that started on the varsity baseball team last year as a freshman and finished the year with a 2.20 ERA (3rd in my league) a 4-1 record, 37 innings pitched, 43K's, 1.2WHIP, the 16 best ERA for freshman in the state of california, and we won the North Coast section. Nothing can be farther from the truth: yes, jv players may not be as good as varsity players yet, but theyre being trained to be. pigella miraculous ladybug power. But even now, people still make the mistake of belittling jv, with many students, when given the choice between jv vs. varsity, will opt to wait until their senior year before trying out. A coach can also determine who and what is considered a varsity team and varsity sport. Strange phenomenon that the kids just described above always make it to the "all stars" (sarcasm detected). They're big and talented and have a couple of summers of . I am 99.99% sure that Cross Country was a varsity sport. In most schools, varsity players arent just subjected to very high standards of entry, but theyre also held to high academic standards for them to stay on the team. 3. The senior ahead of him on the Varsity was an all city, all state player. These sessions give your youth the confidence and the tools to be amazing in the crease! This kid isnt playing club soccer, he isnt looking to get recruited, it does not matter one little bit what his soccer level is and if he improves or not over the season. Im with @bgbg4us. Simply click here to return to Ask The Baseball Coach. They're on the radar screen already. On 1/19/2015 at 11:11 AM, Tenntwin said: But, there is a TSSAA rule against Varsity starters playing JV on the same day/night (copied above from 2014-2015 TSSAA site/handbook). He always showed his arse yelling at officials during games. the bottom line is there was a point where he had to be accountable for his baseball career. Accomplishments: Tomassi made a meteoric rise from unknown new varsity player who started last season on the bench to Livingston County's Player of the Year. To be the best goalie, you have to play against the top talent. I elected to start on the JV soccer team vs. being a benchwarmer on the Varsity. Not many get to do even that. As a youth basketball player I had this same dilemma of starting on the B team or having a reduced role on the A squad. At my kids school it is common for juniors to be on JV - I think there was only one or two juniors on Varsity boys basketball last year and there were four or five seniors on JV volleyball. If the coach has laid it out that effort is going to be rewarded, and that all the kids will be playing, you . Cut from varsity. 3 below. varsity bench or jv starter. It was all because I had spoiled him, pumped him up and when he didn't get his way, he showed frustrations. JV stands for junior varsity. They are talented, they are smart, they are team-players, and if youre a freshman looking to become the next Michael Jordan or Terry Bradshaw, I suggest you play jv. The JV team seasonally is made up with about 75% incoming freshman. Generally, JV team members show potential but could use a little extra training. Now, you jump into this position and have already been playing everyday on JV, meaning the transition to playing varsity is much easier than coming off the bench and . Lax Goalie Rat LLC 2023 - All Rights Reserved. But in some cases, and depending on the . The next year, his senior year, he ended up being the number two starter on varsity, going 6 - 0 with an ERA in the mid two's. Not a bad thingjust wonder how useful all of the advice served up here is to the average HS player? Miller was able to turn to his bench when Carson had to leave the game. What do you guys think I should do. High school sports use varsity and junior varsity sports teams most often, due to age differences and team needs. JV games are held either before the varsity or on their own night. Also, I suspect your son may prove himself worthy of more minutes in training and/or scrimmaging against JV. Private schools may have different rules. I have a couple of questions about this subject maybe some of you can answer. I had a choice and they wanted me to play down even though I was going to go to the upper level. And the more you can experience and learn to handle those nerves the easier this position will be. It looks like he may have the choice of riding the bench on varsity or being a starter on JV. Starting on JV vs. We have two girls teams at my club, the younger/newer team and the older team. How he trained, how he approached the game, how he made saves, how he managed the clear, how he went about his business. I knew he was better, I coached him for years. If you play for jv, youll learn how to follow good leaders, the kinds of decisions good leaders make when theyre under pressure, and how good leaders treat their teams. We had a pitcher on my son's team two years ago in a similar situation, but he was a junior at the time so I am sure it was even more frustrating. The Colonia boys basketball team poses with alum Eric LeGrand after beating Snyder to win the North 2 championship on Feb. 27, 2023. In the first scenario you get tons of game and leadership experience while in the second scenario your game develops quicker as you work with better teammates, better mentors, and better coaches. Open Audio Article Player. She joined a club team (knowing no one), worked really hard, and ended up being a starter mid season junior year. They tell me that good coaches don't play favorites, that good coaches can communicate with their players, that they continuously provide their players with positive as well as constructive feedback, that they inspire . So by starting on the JV team youre learning how to deal with those game day jitters and make saves when it actually counts. Other than that, junior varsity teams compete with other junior varsity teams in a much lower-pressure environment than varsity. And youre also learning how be the leader that everyone on the defense turns to. Booger, Shaditas is trying to coach a football team and being a real estate entrepreneurat at the same time. I think it depends on if your kid feels challenged playing at JV. Is That Even a Real Question? , Copyright 2023 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Education, Explore state by state cost analysis of US colleges in an interactive article. He was frustrated too in his junior year when he had to start the season with 7 other juniors on jv but he kept at it and got called up and eventually won out a starting spot and played everyday on varsity. For the third game of the varsity season he called them up and. Answer (1 of 3): Definitely play! They had him do what your coach is going to do for your son: he practiced with the varsity but did most of his pitching down with the JV. Varsity Spirit junior cheerleading uniforms are your cheer uniform foundation. If your DS is on a club team where he already gets a lot of playing time, I would consider joining Varsity. This site is the only reason I learned tonplay goalie, as we have no coaches, so your idea is actually really awesome. Varsity Experience JV Starter 8th Grade Accolades All-District . The coach knew he would need this junior the next year as a starter and wanted him to get the experience, rather than sit on the bench behind the senior. I was never team captain though, too much of a prima donna. The more positions a player is able to play, their chances of locating a spot are greatly enhanced.A good approach would be for your son to talk with his current coach and ask him if it would be possible to start working at other positions, in an attempt to break into the line up.At that point, the coach can provide some insight into options they could try, or he can also let him know if they don't really have a plan for your son moving forward, or exactly what it is that keeps him out of the line up. What do you get after high school other than a diploma? Varsity players are often the best of the best in their athletic field, and are chosen from the student body through tryouts. GovForce just sayin. It is a personal decision. In this sense, the word junior is used to describe both the age and ability of the players. Privacy Policy. Just got word he will be starting on the mound Friday for the JV game against one of the better JV teams in the area. Get experience that you will need in the future and learn how to play with your team mates. Gets frustrated perhaps and works hard to better the outcome. Im currently a sophomore playing in High School. There's a JV captain who's a JV player that has some extra responsibilities and regularly talks to coaches. My son might not be a great player but he is a good one (he played in all stars every year when playing in the little league). They're telling me that there's something wrong with YOU, not me. The good news is you know what it takes to be good so getting back to that level should be easier and quicker. Either choice is good. Junior Varsity Spirit Fashion. Some schools have JV games to . This is wrong, and heres why: JV refers to junior varsity. Also, being a leader on the JV team can win the attention of varsity coaches and players. In answer to OPs question: My best guess is that colleges would like JV Captain better than being a member of the varsity team unless one is a recruited athlete. I just had my first game of the season today and took a shot right to the thumb. Just help your son deal with whatever difficulties the situation presents. He had a pair of games with five 3-pointers. The junior varsity team is made up of younger or less experienced players, like underclassmen. Only got 10 AB and he ended the game .300 stat 2 doubles one triple and a walk. His situation is such that he is pretty good, and that his high school has not had a top notch pitching staff. She was fortunate enough to be voted Captain by her teammates. Absolutely, but thats often the HS experience. I kept 18 on the varsity and most often play 12 in a game. 6. Based on the comments of several readers Ive realized that many high school programs offer the ability to play with both the JV and the Varsity squad.

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