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Thanks for sharing your experience:) Very psychic this 12th house Synastry, you really feel connected regardless if you are together or not it's like you exist on another plane 0: Very interesting article! But all of my life I have been in the habit of TWOISMS . Venus in your Partners 12th house The Venus person will be highly complimentative with the house person which will help increase their overall self-confidence. He always wants to make sure im not hungry and that i have money on me. I've never felt such a connection before, the passion too. Years ago i was dating someone whom i had the same aspect with. His Venus and Jupiter fall in my 9th house. (Waving with both hands) thanks much for the updates. Venus in partner's 12th house: This indicates a strong subconscious attraction which can sometimes feel confusing, because there is a lot of fog around emotions. It is sometimes necessary to give people the spacevthey need, even if it hurts. We have our moons in each others first houses which for my cancer stellium does a lot, and he has mars and venus in my 7th house. Here is a formula: Unless a guy acknowledges his feelings for you within a month, maybe 2 months (or 10+ dates) of serious dating openly, plainly, simply, without subtext, without mindgames or alternate plan Bs in his head,drop him. Some dont want to, ever. Then when I tell him, he has this quiet way of breaking through all the **** and getting to the heart of it, but in a really gentle way. OH! When wondering around in someones 12th or they in yours? I feel like I know this person really well but maybe this relationship is build on misunderstandings and confusion? So strange in this 12th house. But as his Sun is caught up in my 12th House, he now and then tries to make an appearance. The Ascendant person feels an unconditional love when the other one is around. However I have to say until now he has been writing twice a year sending me wishes bday and Xmas. Glad that its OVER!! Yes, assumptions is one thing that takes place a lot in this house. You could have an unwavering affection for this individual. He was and is also a very adroit liar, and even though there was very great chemistry and connectedness between us, I had to end it. But it's OK because we love being around each other. The moon represents our instincts, our moods, our feelings and emotional responses along with how we nurture, feel nurtured, the wo North and South node connections in synastry are very powerful and often fated. It's amazing. In other words he wanted us to remain in a hidden while he is married and has political career. We are from different countries. but I CAN (4-Sag placement, counting the PF), and thus I DID. The general claim is that it disturbs the person whose twelfth house is activated. It's not of this world, it's spiritual and . He was drinking often(neptune) and because of this we had frequent conflicts(square to venus). In a way you don't care for.Look at your Sun & Saturn since that represents the father as well, with the way you feel look for afflictions. When someone's planet (s) fall in your twelfth house, you might feel somewhat unsettled, and you might find that your partner finds you somewhat elusive as well. If venus is strong and well aspected than here is deep emotional and truthworthy conection. didnt dream of them either. My Jupiter falls into this man, I no longer with but had a deep connection. Venus the Goddess of love represents our love nature, our desires, our desire for the good things in life, our style, the way we act to attract, what we attract along with what we value and what we have or want. As a matter of fact it's very difficult to word. All information I have is the planet can see through the house person like cristal. He knows exactly how I feel about him because I've told him precisely and he doesn't feel the same way but he is always so concerned about if I'm dating/talking with anyone. Is your 12th house tenanted then? I really felt that I WAS him that is, until he started bashing me mentally and spiritually. I can only state that my 12th Houser ended up pretty much devastating me perhaps it was because of his Sun/Gemini in my 12th House and my Vwnus/Sag in his 12th House. I still dont know WHY that occurred . The 12th house also has deep connections with dreaming, rest, and introspection. My north node in Cancer in the 12th conjuncts his venus and mercury. Every time I talk to him about something, I feel loved and at peace. I attracted those people in my relationship. Boy did WE clash, but seemingly there were no 12th House synastries between us. My Gemini sun is in my 12th house on the Gemini/Cancer cusp. I guess the best way I can describe it is as if it's partially a dream. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a, Powered by Infopop 2000 November 9, 2012 astrologyanonymous27 5 Comments. In the synastry between my husband and myself, my Mars and Saturn lands in his 12th house. this was all chinese for him but for me it was the confirmation Of I had felled. Sadly, I was the house person and hopelessly in love, while the Venus person would not admit their feelings even though we both knew they did feel for me, just like I felt for them.. Actually, the guy told me "I love you, *insert my name here*" while we were in class, but we barely knew each other and I didn't know if he was being serious.. later on he denied it said it was a joke (but it wasn't). Because people that are confident don't usually like to point out other's weakness's or make them feel bad. Now i know why. At least I know I'm not the only one who is going through this. He seem to know all about me even i don't tell or exposed my darkest psyche to him. Love you, Elsa many thanks for this wonderful forum! Not in a bad way though. He could communicate with my soul because he could explained my secret desire without boundaries.I had erotic dreams about him a lot. Most sources will tell you that the twelfth house overlay is not good for relationships. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a. i, how ever, have only dreamt of someone who has moon in my 12th .the other person i have dreamt of has nothing in my 12th. 6 Keeping the Flame Alive. We finally realize wait, where are they, why are they not here if we feel so strongly about each other? I leave, but I always come back after a while. Someone I love very deeply has his Venus and Sun and Jupiter and Mercury in my 12th house (actually, his Venus is tightly conjunct my ascendant and as I ignore his time of birth, it can fall also in my 1st house). Maybe its fortuitous that it ended early for you, sweetie. Someone may be misinterpreting something. With the Unaspected Venus, the sensibilities would be similar to Oscar and Felix in the Odd Couple. Venus Synastry in the Houses PATH-STROLOGY Utilizing Astrology to Find Your Path Home Natal Placements / Aspects Synastry Placements / Aspects Composite Placements / Aspects Planet: Sun Planet: Moon Planet: Mars Planet: Venus Planet: Jupiter Planet: Uranus Planet: Pluto Asteroids + Points Celebrities / The Infamous Past Life Astrology Best wishes to you dear, you will find the right one for you, be patient and don't accept anything less! He does tell me how he feels about me. I also was getting crazy muscle twitches. I made our synastry. Lesson learned: let the men pick ME instead of the other way around. I'm sorry it didn't end as you wanted, Douxie. I think that aspect makes you see what you want to see in the other person, but not what is actually there. It is a great placement in synastry, of course depending on other aspects to the degree. A example of how the hidden fears thing of this house works is that we often will have a bad dream about something we are afraid of happening or suppressed anger, and and fear can bring us nightmares. Maybe my cancer north node and his venus in cancer helps things. I am very partnered elsewhere in my life but looked up his chart because he feels like family or someone i knew in a past life or something. All of the guys whom I'm involved above have stellium especially benefic planets in my 12th house. Thinking this would help. I feel I just love him unconditionally no matter what, I dream of him a lot, I have fantasies too but I keep this all to myself, a secret. Sent 5 times a week. Are you afraid to admit your feelings? Am THANKFUL that it finally ended, but at the same time I value the lessons learned from our dance. I really like the Leo energy. Im going through a bunch of Uranus and Pluto square transits right now and I have a very strong feeling this will not survive. However, I have a group of planets that fall my husbands twelfth house and hes had no complaint with it. You are using an out of date browser. THAT is a swift ender for my 3-placement Leo (read: THE QUEEN) who became TOTALLY OFFENDED by his antics. I don't know. I only noticed it after my 12th-Houser came into my life and affected me deeply that is when my own natal Gemini placement came out in me full and strong. You might also note that he has Venus/Gemini very problematic, IMO! Be direct, ask questions, dig deep, ask for proof and confirmation. If his actions speak (this would be something your pick up on intuitively) that he loves you, but his words dont. like a Gemini (no offense meant) they are both good and evil, but THEIR Evil Twin often does the acting out. One who never had to deal with neptune before would have it very difficult to submerge themselves past the toes dipping. For example, my first ex BF married to the woman, who was his course mate. Definitely feels fated/destined/telepathic/psychic. Your email address will not be published. Any info i'll share with you later. Two+ years in most cases (which makes me want to just go HIDE in my bed under the covers, lol!) My 12th house Saturn conjunct his NN and His Chiron and Saturn conjunct my NN. For one odd reason I never completely believed him. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, romance, values, and finances. Very confusing . Pisces is the sign without boundaries. My Sun, Venus and MErcury are in Aries and fall into his 12th, my moon in Sagittarius falls int his 7th and 8th and his moon in Scorpio into my 5th and his jupiter into my 1st. More so after 15 years. The 12th House & Synastry When you have a 12th house connection in synastry and your natal planets fall in their 12th house, this can make you have difficulties expressing whatever that planet governs in the relationship (or vice versa if it's their natal planet falling in your 12th house). It doesn't necessarily have to do with verbal flattery but the presentation, image or interaction boosts the House. because it hurts to know this about yourself, or just accept it. The person whose Venus is in the 8th house of their partner adores their partner very much. Negatively, the planet person can use any of these fears as a way to control them, manipulate them or to use against them in some way. Tense aspects can be difficult to overcome. I understand this. I resonate with the guy you wrote about in your article. He acts like hes in love with me, he acts like he cares deeply for me, hes there for me and has even held me while I cried. i do notice that if someone has 12th house moon and im also 12th moon, we mirror eachother. I always wonder whether he has feelings for me or not. Possibly. I even took a sleep aid and could not sleep. Ive always been madly in love with him, andhe claims he isntbut his actions speak otherwise. I can sense when he needs something even when he isn't next to me. The feeling that I am the only one dealing with the 12th house issues is so painful. The 12th house is about secrets, fears, the subconscious, criminal activity, spirituality, ghosts, dreams, meditation, retreat, solitude, imprisonment, museums, hospitals, institutions, merging, imagination, the intangible, secrets, and the ways that you sabotage yourself. These are actions of some type. which is terribly disturbing for anyone who doesnt want to face things. I also have met two men, 1 in the past and the other one currently that many of my planets fall into their 12th house. Will you tell me what this mean in synastry? I was more into him from the very beginning I went after HIM and found out that he really resented it. Weekend Love Forecast Leo Moon Mood With Some Dramatic STYLE, Full Moon in Virgo: March 7, 2023 Mutable T-Square Distractions, Sign up to be notified when the blog updates. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Every synastry aspect Ive read into says that he should have felt more for me and I just dont know if that could be possible. It's as if its a fairytale, make belive love and Im in a dream. Yes i do believe it possible to work even if you have not physically met as crazy as that sounds, my experience with this house has shown it to be a very magical house, that has roots in the past. You are BLESSED!! We were both unhappily married, I was her manager at work, she was head over heels for me immediately, I didn't even know she liked me for months. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. thanks for visiting! Sign up here! Or someone is misleading someone (deliberately or otherwise). Positively both can help the other overcome their fears, discover hidden talents, or gifts. Its vague, wet, murky and the fog is dense, we need to rely on our intuition, but our intuition is skewed here, so what is one to do? My ex and I had our suns in each others 12th. Mars in the 3rd house overlay: This position for Mars in synastry, much like the 1st house position, can be very stimulating in either a positive or negative way.On the one hand, this position can stimulate a lot of invigorating conversation between the two, and the house person can appreciate how vocal and confident the Mars person is in their speech. In this case, the partner will have different tastes. Idk if its cause its cancer in that house or my super exhausted Jupiter giving me a savior complex but its kinda like familial love like no matter what he always has a place in my heart. Registered: May 2009. posted June 11, 2013 02:39 PM. Hi Aida! Wow . His Mars is conjunct my Moon and North Lunar Node which made it all the more compelling; his Neptune/Scorpio (which is Retrograde) is conjunct my 5th House Venus, and his Uranus and Pluto fall in my 3rd House where my IC is.

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